What It Was Like To Get Tested For COVID-19 At Ohio University
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I Got Tested For COVID-19 At Ohio University, And It Wasn't Actually That Bad

There might have been some blood.

I Got Tested For COVID-19 At Ohio University, And It Wasn't Actually That Bad
Marc Anthony Brown

Ever since the start of this pandemic, the thought of getting COVID-19 has definitely been on the back of my mind every time I come into contact with a new individual.

It's crazy how much we used to interact with one another without face masks and bottles of hand sanitizers strapped to our bags. Looking back at old photos and videos of birthday parties and nights out at bars, it's crazy that life used to be so different only a few months ago.

With COVID-19 still floating around, especially in Athens, OH, Ohio University has tried their "best" to keep infection rates low. One thing they started implementing a few weeks ago were random COVID-19 tests where you are randomly selected for testing by the university.

I, for one, was not expecting the email so when it was sent to me late on a Sunday night, I thought I got exposed to COVID-19 or something.

After emailing some people and contacting old classmates who have experienced the testing prior, I was made aware that it was normal protocol.

I scheduled my appointment for Tuesday afternoon and off I went to West Green.

Walking across campus was refreshing after spending most of my days inside my apartment, cut off from friends. It was a pleasantly cloudy day and thanks to the power of Apple and Google Maps, I made it to some random health building near the Convocation Center. Inside it was a scene out of an end of an apocalyptic film. Nurses clad in blue and face masks — sweating from the heat of the layers. Plexiglass screens separating the sides of the room. In the back, a cream-colored machine scanning the results of the tests lit up with blue LED screens. Hidden behind me were bleach cans lined up all along the counter.

Corona Virus GIF by guardian Giphy

The nurses were constantly wiping down tables and taking precautions with each person that stepped in, directing people on the floor pads. As I approached the table, they gave the standard "Name, birthday, etc." I was then guided to the second table and given the swab directions.

I was surprised that I was told to take the test on my own, I personally would've preferred if a doctor stuck the swab up my nose to really get an accurate test.

After thirty seconds of circulations, my snot was absorbed. It wasn't a bad experience — I would personally do that style of test again. I just felt like I was doing it wrong or I was over correcting myself. There was blood on the swab, so I don't know if that was something I should worry about.

Then I was to stand with potentially infected COVID-19 folks off to the side.

That was a little nerve-wracking even with the face mask on. Eventually, the nurse gave my results, and the way she worded it made it seem like I got COVID-19, but as I opened the white folder NEGATIVE was in big and bold. A sigh of relief fell upon me as I walked into town to run some errands.

COVID-19 has really put a hamper on everyone's college experience but I think we all realize that we still need to take it seriously in order to return to normal.

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