Dogs are man's best friend
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My Dogs Are Two Of My Best Friends And Here Are 10 GIFs To Prove It

Dog truly is man's best friend.

My Dogs Are Two Of My Best Friends And Here Are 10 GIFs To Prove It
Lauren Haight

When I went away for college in the fall of 2018, I knew I was going to miss many things from home. As expected, among the things I missed most of all were my mom and dad, my brother and my friends from high school. However, when I stop to think about it, missing them seemed bearable when considering that I could talk to them via phone call, text message or social media nearly every day. It was as if, through the wonderful means of communication, I was well equipped to combat the feelings of homesickness that came with the longing for loved ones. However, these tools of interstate communication couldn't help me connect with two very important figures in my life - my dogs, Molly and Lola. Why? Well, simply put, they are dogs. And dogs can't really talk over the phone.

That is why I miss my dogs terribly; but rather than focusing on the negative, I'd rather focus on the positive, and share why exactly I miss Molly (my chocolate labradoodle) and Lola (the fat, white one) so much.

1. Without them, I have no one to cuddle with

Lauren Haight

Many a night Molly and Lola would come into my room and wake me up for the sole purpose of cuddling. Normally, I would be annoyed over the fact of being woken up, but I could never be annoyed with them.

2. I can't be lazy anymore without feeling bad about it

Lauren Haight

At home, days spent in my pajamas were justified, as Molly and Lola had no judgment. Instead, I felt like they supported lazy days, being extremely lazy themselves.

3. No one's there to greet me every day when I get home from class

Lauren Haight

If I had a long day at school or just a rough day in general, I could always look forward to the lovely greetings my dogs would give me whenever I got home.

4. No one is constantly invading my personal space

Lauren Haight

Seriously - this is now something that I miss.

5. I can't take cute selfies with them anymore.

Lauren Haight

I didn't realize how many pictures I take with my dogs until they were gone. And now, I always think about how many amazing photo ops I have missed with them since being away from home.

6. Now, no one is constantly keeping an eye out on me

Lauren Haight

At home, I felt like my dogs always kept a look out for me. But now, it's really just up to me to keep an eye on myself.

7. I have no one to simp with

Lauren Haight

I spent many a simp sesh with my dogs' support. Now, it's up to me to make myself feel better when I'm down.

8. Now, when I'm bored I can't go bother them

Lauren Haight

So many nights I would find myself bored out of my mind - and whenever boredom struck, my dogs would be there to save the day.

9. I no longer have anyone that amuses me with literally anything they do

Lauren Haight

For some reason, I think my dogs are two of the funniest beings on this planet, and I would find amusement in every single little thing they did. Even just looking at this gif now, I am laughing.

10. I no longer have someone whose my biggest fan

Lauren Haight

What I miss most about my dogs is the fact that they loved me for me - they don't see my flaws or my mistakes, and rather just choose to love me unconditionally. They truly are my biggest fans.

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