In the spirit of the New Year, I decided that I would make a list of resolutions, but then I realized that a list of anti-resolutions would serve me better. This year I'm not going to promise to do things or to be things that other people want me to be. I suppose some resolutions are my version of anti-resolutions, so for some people this may just seem like a list of resolutions, however, for me, instead of making a list of things I will do, this is a list of things I won't do. I never stick to my regular old cliched resolutions anyway so why not try something new, right? Here goes nothing:

This year:

1. I will not go to the gym because I'm expected to look a certain way.

2. I will not hide from my imperfections both physically and psychologically.

3. I will not fake happy when I'm not just so that others will more comfortable.

4. I will not hide my beliefs because someone doesn't agree with them.

5. I will not let my GPA define my intelligence.

6. I will not let a significant other or anyone else decide my worth.

7. I will not feel guilty for staying in and watching TV instead of going out.

8. I will not sacrifice my aspirations in order to be what other people think I should be.

9. I will not apologize when someone else bumps into me or is being rude to me.

10. I will not apologize for being a strong woman who can speak for herself.

11. I will not feel bad for wearing a sweatshirt and jeans to my classes indefinitely.

I think that these are a good place to start, but I'm sure there are a lot of things I've missed. I'm open to suggestions because seeking help from others who know more than you or different things is a sign of strength not weakness. I hope you can make your own list for this year that serves to make you better in your own eyes and not in the eyes of those around you. Good luck--I'll definitely need luck too.