My 2018 Winter Playlist
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My 2018 Winter Playlist

The best winter songs for a cold day.

My 2018 Winter Playlist
Hope Ann Flores

Walking to class in the dead of winter can be awful. My 2018 Winter Playlist has been getting me through the harsh winter cold. When I think of winter music, I think of soft acoustic music, folk genres, and coffee house music. If you need new music suggestions, check out all of my favorite winter vibes. I will also link the playlist! Happy listening!

1. All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo

2. Way Down We Go by Kaleo

3. Emmylou by First Aide Kit

4. Giants - Acoustic by Lights

5. Lose My Mind by Dean Lewis

6. Old Pine by Ben Howard

7. Cherry Wine - Live by Hozier

8. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez

9. The Breach by Dustin Tebbutt

10. Blank Space/Stand by Me by Imagine Dragons

11. Above the Clouds of Pompeii by Bear's Den

12. Someone to You by BANNERS

13. Adore by Dean Lewis

14. Night Bus by Gabrielle Aplin

15. Pierre by Ryn Weaver

16. Waiting for You by Grizfolk

17. Giving up Ground by Chelsea Cutler

18. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn

19. Not Alone by Matt an Kim

20. Carry You by Nova Amor

21. Anchor by Nova Amor

22. the Night we Met by Lord Huron

23. re: stacks by Bon Iver

24. Holocene by Bon Iver

25. Bloom by the Paper Kites

26. Gale Song by The Lumineers

27. Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

28. Youth by Daughter

29. Rebirth by Vancouver Sleep Orchestra

30. Wait by M83

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