My 2016 Fantasy Football Top Five: Bounceback Candidates
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My 2016 Fantasy Football Top Five: Bounceback Candidates

Since everybody else is making this list, I figure I might as well join in on the fun.

My 2016 Fantasy Football Top Five: Bounceback Candidates

The 2016 NFL season is right around the corner which means another year of fantasy football is upon us as well, and a google search about fantasy content yields countless hits of writers and analysts offering their opinions on preseason projections, draft strategies, and the like. Being the fantasy football buff that I am, I figured I'd add my two cents, picking a few commonly projective categories and selecting five players who I believe will fit into that category this season.

Of course, it's fantasy football, and nobody knows for certain what will happen. This is all speculation and for all we know, it could all be completely moot in a few weeks. Here are my top five bounceback candidates:

1. Andrew Luck

Luck's lack of production last year was a complete fluke and due mainly to his inability to stay healthy. But remember, with Luck we're talking about a guy who finished 2014 as the top quarterback in standard fantasy scoring, and he's only 26. As long as he's healthy, he's one of the best in the league, plain and simple.

2. Kelvin Benjamin

He had a great rookie year and looked like a serious breakout candidate last year before he tore his ACL in camp and subsequently missed the entire season. The Panthers offense was that good without him, I know. Loads of potential there with Cam Newton throwing the ball.

3. Eddie Lacy

Lacy had two very good first years in the league but really came back down to earth last year as he couldn't keep a clean bill of health for a full season and was reportedly well overweight when he did take the field. But toward the end of the Packers' season when James Starks started getting more carries, Lacy began to return to his old form as that probably lit a fire under him. I'm hearing that he really trimmed down in the offseason and is currently at a much more suitable playing weight. The return of Jordy Nelson should really help that offense and it's also a contract year for Lacy, which means he has extra incentive to produce.

4. Keenan Allen

I don't think Allen gets as much credit as he deserves. He was doing just fine last year until he suffered a lacerated kidney and missed the rest of the season. He's also got one of the better (and more underrated) quarterbacks in pro football throwing to him, so I think he should rebound nicely this season.

5. Jamaal Charles

The fantasy red flags are popping up now because he's about to hit 30, the dreaded age for running backs, and he's coming off of ACL surgery. But Charles has been the epitome of fantasy consistency at the running back position these last few years and is one of the best backs in the league when healthy. He's also great catching passes out of the backfield, which definitely helps his fantasy value. I just don't see him slowing down yet.

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