Music is something we can all connect with. As someone who grew up being raised on music, it has been a key component in my life. I have learned a lot about life living vicariously through musicians. Within the wide scope of music, there are thousands of musicians, all able to capture human emotion, the human experience, in some way. Each creating a portrait for the mind, a study in the soul. Here are some musicians you should probably be listening to right now, all of whom create just that.

1. Joe Pug

A native of Maryland, and a voice filled with Americana, Joe Pug is a modern day Bob Dylan. Each of his songs leaves the listener feeling like they just finished a good book and wanting to read more. His rustic sound and extensive lyrics are perfect for any folk/indie listener.

2. David Ramirez

Ramirez follows the indie/Americana stream of music. Creating beautiful love songs, and powerful, harder-hitting songs. With lyrics like “I could start fires with what I feel for you” and “Stick around, there ain’t no reason for leaving,” Ramirez leaves it open for all. Each tune, regardless of the content, wraps the listener in a warm blanket, and says “Sit down, listen to the story I am about to tell you.”

3. Jade Jackson

An up and coming rockabilly queen. Jade Jackson grew up listening to her father's record collection. She captures heartbreak, single life, growth and drunken nights with hard-hitting lyrics, and a beautiful acoustic sound. These aren’t your typical Adele break up songs, these are the badass, swagger break up songs. “I grew up my father's daughter, he said “Don’t take no shit from no one” — Jade Jackson (Aden).

4. Strand Of Oaks

Hailing from Goshen, Indiana, Strand Of Oaks has a very special place in my heart. A folk/rock sound that resonates with people from every walk of life. Having a depressing, down day? Listen to "Pope Killdragon." Going through a break-up? Listen to "HEAL." Fed up with all the stress of life and just want to listen to some good tunes? Listen to "Hard Love."

For a local, Wisconsin kick, the band's first album, and show was in Milwaukee. The only time I have seen them perform, I was with my older brother. It was the first time we locked arms and sang the lyrics at the top of our lungs, and the song linked above was just that song.

What are you waiting for? Go explore. Enjoy. What do you have to lose by listening to a few songs?