Musical Theatre Songs To Help Mend A Broken Heart
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Musical Theatre Songs To Help Mend A Broken Heart

Whether you've lost a relationship or a friendship...or even a job, go ahead, belt out your feelings!

Musical Theatre Songs To Help Mend A Broken Heart

One day I was singing one of my favorite songs in the car on the way home and I thought..."Wow! I have come a long way since I discovered this song!" What did I mean? When I discovered the song "Adore" by Joe Iconis, at that time I was dealing with a gut punching break up. That song had just the perfect flair of acceptance and anger that I liked...and I still can't find the sheet music for. "You're just a man who I don't love anymore." YES. SING MY FEELINGS Krysta Rodriguez. Musical Theatre has also been that perfect flair to help put a little sweet band-aid on my broken heart over the years of crappy men or frustrating people. It's like it was written to tell a story or something? Every time I would sing it, I would put myself in this imaginary world where I was singing this song in a random bar somewhere, and coincidentally the person who made me mad would be there, see me, and of course apologize. And then I would walk my happy, new confident self out of that bar and sign a million dollar contract. maybe that wasn't always the healthiest thing, but through musicals I was able to reflect on what happened, learn from mistakes and eventually move on. I've compiled a list of a few of those recent songs from over the years. Some of which are probably not the most popular or well liked, but that worked for me in my younger years. So belt your hearts out my friends!

1. "Adore" (by Joe Iconis) - from THE UNTITLED HUNTER S. THOMPSON MUSICAL

For those times you're just angry.

2. "Don't Let Me Know" - SMASH Cast

For those times you're just fed up.

3. "Easy to Be Hard" -Hair

When you're beginning to realize your worth.

4. "There's a Fine, Fine Line" -Avenue Q

You're beginning to learn from the past.

5. "Back to Before" -Ragtime

When in fact, you must move on and not "go back to before."

6. "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair" - South Pacific

When you decide to cleanse this person out of your life for good!

7. "So Much Better" -Legally Blonde

When you're life starts to breathe fresh air now and things are looking up for you!

8. "Lying There" Edges

You begin to start calculating if you knew all along that this would happen.

9. "In Short" Edges

You circulate through the "crazy cycle" again.

10. "Avalanche" -Kerrigan and Lowdermilk

Then, when you realize you're a completely broken human, and you need to the Lord more than ever. And He catches you in His arms and makes you whole again.

11. "On My Way" -Violet

When at last, your new journey is ahead of you and you can't wait to start!

12. "Bring Me to Light" -Violet

And finally -- so you don't make mistakes again -- you rely on your loved ones, and even eventually perhaps, a new special someone, to always bring you back to the "light"; to goodness and truth, and to love.

Everything is going to be alright.

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