For every mood there is a song to match it perfectly. Need a song to cry to? Easy to find. Need a song to dance to? Just as easy to find. Music is the ultimate mood booster and nothing can compare to the feeling that comes with belting the lyrics of your favorite song. But the question is why? Why is music really the best source of happiness? Well, there are actually more reasons than you would think. In my opinion, when feeling every type emotion people long for validation for what they are thinking. People want someone else to share their feelings to help explain why they are feeling a certain way. The lyrics of songs allow for that validation. There is no better feeling than listening to a song for the first time and realizing that the lyrics perfectly describe your current situation. It makes you feel less alone. My favorite part of music is knowing that I am not the only person to ever have certain emotions.

On the less deep side of the spectrum, music is perfect for letting lose. After a long, stressful day sometimes the only medicine is a dance party. Not every song needs to be a song that evokes emotion. Some of my favorite songs in the world are the ones with inherently no deep message. Sometimes all I need is a time to not think and just dance wildly. Letting lose to alleviate stress allows me to forget about all my worries and to just focus on the music that is playing.

Also, music is the best source of happiness because it allows you to make friends and bond with different people. There is no better feeling that discussing your favorite artist with someone who also shares your excitement. Plus, I absolutely love when someone suggests a song that they think I would enjoy. It shows that they know my music taste and when they heard a certain song they specifically thought of me. I have found unlikely friends due to music alone.

In all, music is for any mood and every mood. There has never been a day where I haven't listened to music and I doubt that day will ever come. Music is the best source of the thing that makes me the happiest (even more than food and puppies) and I do not think that will ever change.