Nature ensnared us with her whims, while our unbridled passion entranced Nature’s foliage to cover our sins…his seduction dripped down my thigh, sending red hot shivers along my spine. It was not hard to give into his pretty little words that abolished my morals, as well as stole my heart. Tears of addiction burned trails down my face as his back turned on me after calloused words abolished my godliness…Perhaps; it was Aries’ whispered seduction in my ear that left destruction twisting my eyesight into a sea of red. My addiction became too much to avoid, and in doing so; I killed myself. The only company I now enjoy is my love’s heart that beats frozen in time, under my lock and key. Red hot pleasure spread through my veins at the sweet taste of his life on my fingers…much more pleasurable than his cum dripping on my tongue. Innocence no longer has a place once ensnared in Aries’s harem…I abided my love's request to open my eyes to worldly things…by plucking his to view the world ensnared by red. Aries now has a blood thirsty seduction on my tainted soul, allowing the passion of seduction to transform into the seduction of destruction. The taste of blood now feeds my new addiction; I am no longer closed off from worldly things. Bring on the Deadly Seven and let me ravish each one until I am sedated…from the heartache of reality.

Do fall in line and let my web of seduction ensnare your mind. As your beating heart is clasped among my blackened hands.

Taste of a man’s greed is intoxicating.