MTV You Shady, Shady Queen
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MTV You Shady, Shady Queen

The Video Music Awards were a festival of pettiness and shade.

MTV You Shady, Shady Queen

So Sunday night was the MTV Video Music Awards and there were many highlights: Britney's return to the VMA stage, Rihanna receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and the undisputed VMA champion Queen Bey. I gotta give it up to MTV, they stacked up a very entertaining show to say the least but why'd they have to be so shady though? MTV had their petty boots on last night.

For me the pettiness started on the pre-show red carpet when radio host and MTV Guy Code cast member Charlamagne Tha God (yes that's his real stage name) tried to get some information our of Ariana Grande about her new "relationship" with Mac Miller, to which she nonchalantly avoided. Then when the interview was over he told her 'don't lick any donuts tonight,' referring to her infamous donut licking incident that had us all talking for about two weeks. Petty move number 1 MTV. We had almost forgotten about that and here ya'll go again bringing up old stuff.

Now during the actual show the real pettiness began. Rihanna was to receive the Video Vanguard Award this year and usually that is the highlight of the entire show. MTV typically has lots of short three to five minute performances from various artists, then the Vanguard recipient gets about 14 minutes to perform and that's supposed to be the biggest moment of the night. However, MTV being the petty, shady ass queens that they are decided this year they would change it up and have Rihanna open the show, followed by three more performances. Sounds like a good idea right, especially for someone who is a true queen and boss like Rihanna.

Well it would have been if it weren't for her majesty Queen Beysus. Beyoncé was confirmed to perform just moments before the show began and that clearly became the focus of the night, not Rihanna which is what it should have been about. Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting for it.

Now, a Beyoncé performance is one thing, but Beyoncé did more than perform, she held a damn concert. Bey did a nearly 17 minute performance of Lemonade and IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. Bey rolled up to the VMAs or shall I say, the BeyMAs and slayed us all to death and snatched everybody's edges off. As much as I love me some RiRi, I'm sorry but Beyoncé was the highlight of the night; but petty ass MTV knew that going into this because when is she not? I mean, it is Beyoncé duh.

I immediately thought now why would they do this on Rihanna's night? Beyoncé had her moment when she received the award in 2014, Justin Timberlake got his night in 2013 and Kanye had his (although it was hella awkward) last year so the night really should have had us all talking about Rihanna. Shady, just shady more so because there's been an ongoing feud on social media between the Beyhive and Rihanna's fanbase the Navy. This just helped further fuel that fire. Although good ol' RiRi came with the slayage herself. She definitely made it known that Beyoncé wasn't the only boss bitch in the building and let's not forget that adorable moment between her and Drake, #teamaubrih for life. MTV that was a sheisty move.

The ultimate shade moment for me came when they had Britney Spears perform RIGHT AFTER BEYONCÉ! Who at MTV hates Britney so much that they would have Brit along with two dancers and whoever the hell G-eazy is go on after Beyoncé's electrifying performance of her visual album and slayed on vocals, because we all know Britney is the queen of the lip sync? Britney hasn't been on the VMA stage in almost 10 years and after that disastrous performance back in 2007 she needed to redeem herself. Tonight was supposed to be the night but making Britney go after Beyoncé is like having my fat ass challenge Usain Bolt in a footrace. MTV didn't have to do Britney like that. That was shady as hell.

I could also argue that Fifth Harmony winning best collaboration against Rihanna, Beyoncé and Calvin Harris is kind of shady too but hey, they can't give Beyoncé all the awards. The point is that the VMAs were filled with petty moments and that MTV is an undercover shade queen. But we are on to you MTV, we are on to you.

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