Dear Mr. Trump, America Is Concerned
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Dear Mr. Trump, America Is Concerned

As you can probably assume I am a democrat, a liberal, or progressive as you like to describe us.

Dear Mr. Trump, America Is Concerned
Boston Herald

Dear Mr. Trump,

"Make America great again." I have come to believe this statement is a bit ignorant and maybe, just a bit childish. Childish is an adjective that I believe is a great descriptor for yourself. As you can probably assume I am a democrat, a liberal, or progressive as you like to describe us. I am writing to you not to complain about your campaign or you running for president because I believe in the first amendment. I wanted to express my opinion, like you do often, except in a less vulgar way. I am a 19 year old college student who is studying for my masters in elementary education at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida.

Now, after that last sentence, you are probably just about to write me off and dismiss this whole letter but I am here to tell you not to do that. You do that all to often and I believe that is your biggest weakness. I do not mind you expressing your opinion on these very controversial topics. The problem I do have is when these opinions turn into actions. I did not think that this would be a problem but since the polls seem to be not changing for the better and you still seem to buy more and more votes everyday I believe one day this might turn into a big issue. The amount of money you have seems to be blocking your vision of what America actually stands for and what it means to be apart of this country. You seem to have an ignorance and hate towards people who see things just a little bit different than you do. I am not here to ask you to drop out of the presidential race but I am asking you to unstack your money and take a look at the middle class, take a look at the lower class and put yourself in their shoes. I know you’re going to have to take off your gold Versace slippers and put on some new balances, which may I make a suggestion, may help with your back pain as these old ages creep up on you.

Have a conversation with someone that is not in the top one percent of income, to sit down with a muslim, a refugee, or someone that works at Burger King. Ask them about America, ask them about their beliefs and how they want to see this country change over time. Do not be quick to judge when they say they like the idea of universal health care or when they say that everyone has the right to freedom and sending 11 million Mexican immigrants back to their home country and then building a wall so they cannot come back is a bit inhumane. I am surrounded by the lower class living in the Arlington area of Jacksonville and I would not be surprised if a family from the projects a block away from campus was not opposed to Syrian refugees joining the neighborhood. Having people come into the area who are excited for freedom and excited for the ability to have both a mother and father in the workforce.

To have the kids be able to attend the public schools to gain an education and a life for themselves. And when you ask should they take a religious test to enter this country to make sure they do not cause harm to any citizens in the area and that Jacksonville native laughs in your face and says "Man you want them to take some sort of test on religion or something just to enter this country thats crazy son." Do not be alarmed or offended at the response. At that moment in time I want you to do what you have never done before. Open up your ears, widen your eyes and take look around at the real American people who wake up at 5 am to get their three kids ready for school but do not have enough money to feed them breakfast so they eat at their local public school. Then walk three blocks to the bus station and hope on that bus that they have been riding for the past 15 years to arrive at a minimum wage job that does not end till 5 but they still have to get home, make dinner, finish up the kids school work, and clean the house.

These are the American people you are forgetting about when you say all Americans should be taxed 10 percent on their income or that education should be local but what happens to their kids when the Arlington district of Jacksonville cannot afford or produce the correct curriculum best for success. This leaving the less fortunate children who have a reading disability or a speech issue behind. I bet you do not think about these people while you’re being tucked into bed by your third wife who is an immigrant from Slovenia in your gold coated sheets. So next time you prep yourself for a rally speech and you’re about to walk out on stage with your goofy hat please think about the other 99 percent of people who do not own a private jet or multiple golf courses. Maybe the day will come, when Donald Trump is standing on stage at the podium about to give the inauguration speech to the American people and by the slim chance this does happen I hope you have considered all consequences to your actions that you promise to act on. When those actions fail, when the Mexican government does not comply to build the wall, when the Islam followers do not wear an identification badge, and when your wife's cousins are not allowed to continue to enter this country, I hope you are prepared for a back lash.

I hope your team is ready to put on your three pounds of make up and glue your hair piece on within five minutes to address this country on your next mistake. Then when congress and the democrats, who knew this was a bad decision from the start, begin to bail you out and write reforms to all your radical ideas eventually saving you from being impeached. Do not sit in the makeup chair, do not make the walk to the stage , and do not stand in front of the American people to make that apologetic address for all the harm you have caused this country. Instead do us a favor, save us the pain for which you have already caused too much; resign from commander in chief, this will be one deal you can not negotiate or one group of people you can not buy back. Hop on your private jet and fly to one of your private islands and never come back. For that will be the best decision you will make if you are elected to be the President of this country. Thank you.

A concerned American,

Jake Capistran

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