20 Movies To Watch When You Need A Good Cry

20 Movies To Watch When You Need A Good Cry

When life is hard and you need to let out a really ugly cry, these films are just what the doctor ordered!

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I'm going to do my best to avoid spoiling these films, but I can't make any promises.

1. A Walk To Remember

Who doesn't love a bad boy turn into a total softie? Let's be honest, most Nicholas Sparks movies end in us totally sobbing. This one is no exception. Watching these two go from enemies to each other's love of their lives is so beautiful.

2. Titanic

*SIGHHHH* Jack and Rose were EVERYTHING. If you don't know what happens in the titanic by now, i mean c'mon it's based off a real historical event... Though their romance was short, watching these two part doesn't make the tragedy any less heartbreaking.

3. Green Mile

I think this is the hardest i've ever cried over a film. Like i said before, i really do not want to spoil anything. Basically this is one of the best movies you will ever see. Even though it shreds your heart into a million pieces, it is a film that needs to be seen by everyone. Tom Hanks is amazing and just when you think you know what's happening in this movie, they switch up on you. This is based off of the brilliant book by Stephen King.

4. La La Land

This is my favorite film of all time. Not only is this story have romance, it has struggle, music, and realness that makes this one a very hard one to watch due to the bittersweet sadness you feel once you finish watching. The reason I loved this film so much was that even though it was a musical, which normally are super unrealistic, everything about these characters' story together and apart is so real. What happens to Mia and Sebastian could potentially happen to any of us. ughhhh I could say so much more about this movie but DON'T WANT TO SPILL MY GUTS FULL OF SPOILERS!

5. Life is Beautiful

Just thinking about this one hurts. An Italian film, this academy award winning film will somehow make you smile and cry at the same time. Watching a family be torn apart by the Holocaust is absolutely devastating. Just like The Green Mile, this film is definitely not one you would want to watch twice, but should absolutely be seen before you die. An incredible film. Don't let the Italian stop you from watching - there are always subtitles!

6. P.S. I Love You

MY HEART. This isn't a spoiler i promise: imagine having a husband so romantic that when he knows he's dying, he starts writing letters for you to receive in the future so he can help you get over his death! There's actually a lot of happiness in this movie, but naturally because the film centers around character Holly's husband's death and her inability to let go, it's not an easy film to watch. You will laugh and cry and root for her, it has everything a sad person needs to recover from whatever crap is happening in their life.

7. Steel Magnolias

Talk about an all star cast. Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and so many more.I still think Field deserved an academy award for her performance, but ANYWAY, if you ever need to watch a film about a mother-daughter relationship or about female friendships, I highly recommend this one. Though this film is sad, it teaches you a lot about strength and grief and support. It is a gem that remains on my top 20 favorite movies list.

8. Dead Poet's Society

Robin Williams in his absolute prime. This movie about creativity, friendship, passion, and discovery is a MUST see. Everything about this movie is special and important.

9. Coco

I cry every single damn time. A Disney movie about legacy, family, and passion sounds innocent, but OH NO! Be prepared to be shocked and cry at various part of the film. This movie brings both a sentimental and happy cry.

10. Million Dollar Baby

This is an all around fantastic movie. This has something for everyone, including Morgan Freeman. Hillary Swank is an aspiring boxer and Clint Eastwood takes her under his wing... a friendship that seems more like family blossoms before tragedy.

11. Schindler's List

Clearly any movie about the Holocaust is going to be depressing and heart wrenching, but the way Spielberg directed this masterpiece, makes the sadness we feel while watching it feel more real. Liam Neeson is fantastic and the film is based off of a true story of a man who saved so many. Again, a film you need to see, but definitely not more than once.

12. Stepmom

Not only is Susan Sarandon's character dealing with a new woman in their family, she's also dealing with a terminal illness that will take her from her children. Watching susan sarandon's character and julia robert's come to respect each other and susan spend her last moments with her children will melt your heart as well as make it whole again.

13. Up

Another Pixar classic to rip you apart. Don't get me wrong this is a very happy, funny movie with a wonderful ending. The first 20 minutes is what will get you. Watching Carl and his wife Ellie meet, get married, and live their life together in a beautiful montage is what will make you emotional.

14. The Pursuit of Happyness

This one is also based off a true story which is another reason it will make you cry uncontrollably. Will Smith is incredible okay? The fact that he doesn't have an Oscar yet bother me, but anyway, this biographical drama of how a man spends a year being homeless while trying to take care of his son and find work again will not only inspire you but appreciate what you have more in life.

15. The Notebook

if you know this film you know why it is so beautifully sad. Watching these two fall in and out of love over the course of almost a decade is a rollercoaster. This love story is THE sad love story that people want and need.

16. Inside Out

This is the most clever film i've ever seen. Disney and Pixar outdid themselves with this brilliant film that let's look at the inside of our character's mind and feelings. It will make you miss your childhood and warm your heart. As wonderful and whimsy this film is though, there are some sad moments that make this film more rewarding to watch.

17. The Fault In Our Stars

Based off of the amazing novel by John Green, this tragic teen romance will truly send you into hibernation. It took me a while to recover after this one. Two cancer-diagnosed teenagers fall in love and try to do the things they have always wished to do. It is funny, charming, and soooo good. I recommend reading the book first though:)

18. Toy Story 3

This gif ALONE makes me tear up. LOL i'm not okay... Obviously you should watch the first two films before watching this tear jerking finale. Andy leaves for college and gives his toys away to his neighbor Bonnie to love and play with. The reason this one is particularly sad is because growing up with the films, and watching the whole journey take place, and having a movie series that you loved your whole childhood come to a close is very sad. I also watched this the week before i went to college which made it even more sad for me. I did it to myself, i know...

19. Marley and Me

If you've never had a dog or know what a privilege it is to live with one and care for one, then you just won't get this film. This film is for dog lovers only. Get ready to cry your eyes out. The film follows a couple throughout their years of having Marley, moving, having a family, up until Marley's last days. it will destroy you and make you hug your dog a little tighter.

20. Perks of Being A Wallflower

Last, but not least, this coming of age story. Another film based off of a book, this film will make you smile, remember the good times, ache, and grow.

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