My 5-Step Recipe For The ULTIMATE Friday Night In
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My 5-Step Recipe For The ULTIMATE Friday Night In, Using Items You Probably Already Own

Get ready to put on your fanciest outfit... Or not.

My 5-Step Recipe For The ULTIMATE Friday Night In, Using Items You Probably Already Own

When most of us hear the word Friday, a lot of us associate the word "partying" with it. But who knew that a secret recipe for having a fun Friday night involves no partying?

Check out the recipe for a fun Friday night below!

Prep time: Varies on each person

Total Duration Time: 24 hours

Serving Size: One person


- 1 comfortable outfit, like a pair of sweats and an oversized t-shirt, or your fanciest piece of clothing. YOU pick the vibe you are going for.

- 1 couch or bed. Either will do.

- 1 fuzzy blanket.

- 5 good films

- an infinite amount of food.


  1. Dress up in your outfit of choice. And don't forget to snap some selfies.
  2. Position yourself on a comfortable couch or bed. (Whichever one suits you best.)
  3. Cover yourself with a fuzzy blanket.
  4. Find five good films to watch. If you are into romantic comedies, I'd suggest watching a Jennifer Aniston movie. If independent films are more your vibe, I'd go with a Timothée Chalamet movie. Your options are endless!
  5. Indulge in your favorite foods while watching your movies of choice. Untrusted studies show that calories do not exist on Friday nights.
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