6 Motivational Podcasts
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6 Podcasts That Will Improve Your Motivation And Mood

Sometimes we all need an extra push, and podcasts are an easy way to find it!

6 Podcasts That Will Improve Your Motivation And Mood

In a world struggling with ever-increasing tension and distractions, it can be hard for one to stay motivated and positive. If you're not a "podcast person", here's an opportunity to try it out! I used to listen to a lot of crime podcasts and I still love them, but I'm a big believer in surrounding oneself with good vibes.

After struggling with some mental health issues recently I replaced the crime podcasts with more positive ones, and I really think it favorably contributed to my mental health. Below are 6 podcasts that will improve your mood, increase your motivation, and put the little things into perspective.

1. Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam


This is one of the newest podcasts I've discovered and I one of my present favorites. Laura is a Princeton graduate, and author of books like "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast" and "Off the Clock" Every morning, Monday through Friday, she focuses on a new productivity tip and how to incorporate it in your routine.

2. The TED series


TED produces several podcasts, but my favorites are TED Talks Daily and Ted Radio Hour. TED Talks Daily provides an episode (usually 10-15 minutes long) every weekday about varying topics. Some are harder to listen to than others, but they all end with some sort of inspirational message that leaves you thinking.

TED Radio Hour consists of weekly hour-long episodes composed of multiple talks all surrounding a common topic. Other TED podcasts include TED Business, Health, Tech, and Worklife.

3. Kind World


Andrea Asuaje and Yasmin Amer, two reporters/producers, strive to tell a story once a week about one act of kindness. This week's episode was about a homeless couple who utilized a housing village built by volunteers. If your faith in humanity is waning, this podcast will renew it!

4. Personal Best


Hosts Rob and Andrew take a new, refreshing approach to self-improvement. They help "everyday people" reach a variety of goals, by taking them on comical but inspiring adventures. One of my favorite episodes is one from earlier this month, where they help a thirty-something woman feel responsible enough to apply for her first credit card by making her care for an egg- yes, I said an egg- and compete with genius teenagers.

5. Your Motivational High 5


Phil Larson chooses a topic, for example rejection or patience, and takes a few minutes to explain how the topic at hand can help one achieve their potential. Episodes are sporadic, as he is a successful musician, but they are consistently high-quality and worth the wait. This podcast is a good one to pull out on particularly hard days when you need a little extra push to keep going.

6. Radio Diaries


Joe Richman leads and narrates overlooked, yet important personal stories throughout history. These stories provide intimate windows into the unique experiences of those who may be worlds away from, or right next door to us through interviews, soundbites, etc. The episode that I first listened to, which hooked me on this podcast, was "Majd's Diary: Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl".

The episode starts when Majd was 19, a college student studying science introducing her family and arguing with her brother and ends when she's 21 and newly married. Radio Diaries is not a directly motivational podcast but provides perspective into the lives of people we can learn from despite never having met them.

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