The purest form of love is a Mother’s Love. Each person is brought into this beautiful world through their mothers. The bond of a mother and child is always special and unique. Mother’s connection to a child exists even before they are born. Though women face issues during pregnancy, the happiness of seeing their newborn is divine. Mother is the source of birth and she is divine and special in this world. Mother’s love their children, make sacrifices and would do anything for their children.

The bond that I share with my Mother is very special and I love her a lot. She keeps telling me that I have grown up and changed a lot since my childhood days. That’s very true and I may not remember much of it when I was young, but she remembers a lot. She has been there for me whenever I wanted her support and care. She is very special and stands by my side when in need. I stay far away from her and miss her a lot. She taught me life’s first lessons and she has been my first teacher. Her smile makes me happy and her laughter makes me joyful. Her presence creates magic and the everlasting bond of a mother and child is felt.

There are some instances in our busy lives where we tend to forget or neglect our mother’s words or actions. We should not do that since we are hurting them. They care for us because they love us more than themselves. God created Mother’s on Earth since he is too busy and cannot take care of everyone in the world. Women leave their families and start a new family and take care of everyone and sacrifice their lives for their husband and children. We cannot define or measure Mother’s love in simple words.

If you haven’t been in touch with your mother or parents recently, call them and speak to them and tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Mother’s teach their children how to walk and sense their feelings of hunger, pain or any problems instantly. Mother’s do have a huge responsibility in grooming their children. Respect your Mother, Love her and care for her because she is the one who brought you to this world.

A Mother is-