Are you and your mom just hanging out, down the street? Well, don't do the same old thing you did last week; it's Mother's Day! Breakfast in bed, flowers on the kitchen table, a thoughtful gift waiting to be unwrapped – what could possibly go wrong?

Well, if your family is anything like the Formans', your weekend isn't full of singing birds and rose petals. Instead, it's more of a frenzy, trying to figure out what to do for one day for a woman who figures it out every other day of the year.

"That 70s Show" knows some things never change, and the annual Mother's Day extravaganza is bound to go something like this:

1. The big day is a week away.

But, you have no idea what you're going to get yet.

2. Now, it's tomorrow, and you're panicking slightly.

You need to get off your ass and think.

3. Your siblings should have it covered,

4. ... but they actually thought you had it covered.

A candle is just not going to cut it.

5. Your mom deserves the world wrapped up in silver and gold,

6. ... but you're shopping on a minimum wage budget.

Tin foil is silver, though.

7. Eventually, you turn to crafts.

Cheesy gifts aren't the same as something made from the heart.

8. Then, you argue about whose gift sucks the least.

Let's be honest, they're all equally awful.

9. Now you're at the local florist like...

Everyone and their mother – I mean, father – is trying to buy some roses. The joke is on them; everyone knows women prefer chocolate.

10. ...Or maybe a bottle of booze for "decoration."

11. Someone starts the blame game, an argument ensues.

12. Greeting Mom while calling each other names has her like:

One day of cooperation: that's all she asks.

13. Well, now, everyone feels bad.

14. Mom will probably be OK after she vents...

15. ...but Dad is probably going to kill you.

16. After all, she just wants some peace and quiet.

Can I get "KIDS" for 800, Alex?

17. It's time to be the optimist.

It usually is.

18. A foot up the ass won't suffice this time.

Get yourself together and fix it, man.

19. Now that you got yourself bent, the party can begin.

20. Why waste the day? It's a family day, anyway.

21. Make Mom's drink of choice,

22. ...feel the love,

23. ...and laugh it off.

24. After all, we're all alright.

Hello, Wisconsin, and Happy Mother's Day!