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Student Life

The Top 10 Most Relatable Pet Peeves

Things I just don't understand.


You ever wonder why people are the way that they are? There are just some things that get under our skin that we just can't shake off. Here are a few of my top 10 pet peeves.

That one friend that always asks for advice

There's always that one friend that's always looking for aid and guide. She/he just always happens to be back in some ridiculous predicament and can't get out of it. Or maybe another relationship mishap happens and you tell that friend every time what they should do, they agree and then... BAM! Right back to where she/he was last week! WHY?!

That "no offense" but always entirely offensive person

I can't be the only person who will be engaged in a conversation with someone who pauses to say, "No offense, but..." Why state "no offense" if there is a very likely chance that the next words that follow will be offensive, even in the slightest of ways. How about you just say, "Hey, I'm not crazy about..." Or say something like, "Of course I don't mean you, but..." Wow, look at that! A way to continue your conversation without offending anyone!

Calling back immediately and getting no response

Have you ever walked away from your phone for about five minutes and received about 12 missed calls from your mom? In that panic you call back and it goes STRAIGHT to voicemail?! Why! Let's take on an even worse scenerio. How about when you have your phone IN YOUR HAND and your friend calls you and for whatever the reason the call drops or you picked up at just the last moment. So you return the call RIGHT back, but that person doesn't reply! WHY? I don't understand, and it drives me crazy!

Friends and family who don't reply to texts but are on social media

Has this ever happened to you before? Derived from the last pet peeve, imagine making plans with a friend who usually has a busy schedule that isn't compatible with your own. So you guys make plans. These plans are within the next few hours, days, weeks for all I care and you reach out to that friend and they don't reply! But! You go onto Instagram or Snapchat and they JUST. RECENTLY. POSTED. ON. THEIR. STORY?! Why? Why do we have friends like this? I don't believe there is a cure to this epidemic, it's just spreading like some disease!

That one friend that never has money

We all have a Joey in our group of friends! We love him, we adore him, but we also support him. We don't know why, but he's annoying and awesome at the same time. He/she will always add onto group orders, never chip in for gas, and will always, ALWAYS "owe ya one"! My pet peeve for the Joeys in our lives is that in a group they NEVER have any money, but on their own, they're either flashing off money or trips that they're on or planning!

People in cars who try to communicate with you while you're driving

It's one thing to honk at me the very moment the light turns green, but some people really think we can read their minds while we're all in our own respective vehicles! Why?! For example, if I'm at a cross section and the car is supposed to go first. How am I supposed to now that you expect me to go out of the kindness of your heart?!

How about when I'm in front of a vehicle, in my lane, and from behind they honk at me and try to explain things to me. I'M NOT A LIP READER?! I mean, come on people! I sometimes wish that cars could just Bluetooth sync up so we can just converse with daily strangers, but something tells me that I'm better off staying frustrated with this peeve then to abrupt social privacy.

Worn out UGG boots

This is the funniest pet peeve to me because I feel so bad for the UGG boots who have not been put out of their misery. Have you ever stood in line during the winter/fall season and seen some girls in their Northface jackets and their pumpkin spice latte cups? They've got the whole ponytails and buns with their infinity scarves with a winter headband on. Then finally, you look down to see these worn out moshed up UGG boots falling apart.

I mean, they look like they just escaped prison with nothing more than the spoon they used to dig themselves out of their cells with! I don't know! If you can get Starbucks three to four times a week, you can definitely buy a new pair of boots for the season. Fun fact: UGG boots aren't even meant for the snow! They were meant for warmth, yes, but for surfers to wear on cold nights.

Assigning themselves as your best friend

This may be rare but I live life on the rare side and I've ended up in this predicament more than I'd care to endure. Meeting someone and getting to know them can end in a new friend, even an acquaintance. But it'll always be a pet peeve of mine that someone will just tell people and declare to be my best friend. The Best Friend Role seems like such a responsibility, it's like training before being someone's maid of honor or best man! Stop assigning me to jobs I didn't apply for, that's all I'm saying! Am I the only one who feels this way?


Now there are two occurrences that I need you guys to understand. I understand sharing is caring and I am a rather civil being, but if I've been sitting in the same seat for the last six weeks of class and suddenly for the last two days you've been sitting in my seat? Understand that we are now mortal enemies. I can't explain this peeve other than question it... why?!

My close second peeve is when someone sits right next to me on a fairly empty bus or train. Of the vast amount of seating and aisles that you've passed, you had to sit right next to me? I just feel like there is an ulterior motive involved and that particular person just wants me to be unhappy, there can be no other explanation! Has this happened to you guys? Does it not bother you, too?

 Momentary memory loss

I'm peeved with myself the majority of the time for my memory loss moments. Like walking into a room and forgetting why you went back in there, only to remember halfway to school that you needed your graphing calculator or clicker for your day's quiz.

How about watching a show and when it goes to commercial, you can't remember for the life of you what was on the screen without hitting the info button? How about when you have your phone or remote one second and the next you find it in a completely different room, forgetting you had it when you went to the kitchen? And the worst is opening the kitchen's fridge staring at it not remember what you needed from inside of it in the very first place.

Now, this peeve is specific to me because it happens ever so often. Now if this doesn't relate to you in the slightest then it's clear to me that I'll have to make a doctors appointment, up my vitamins and fruits and maybe play a memory game or two a week.

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