Big Mouth Is Practically My Life

Big Mouth is this really amazing Netflix show created by Nick Kroll, which showcases the life of a small group of middle school kids. The kids face the greatest battle of all...puberty. The show depicts their experiences as they discover their bodies and the bodies of the opposite sex.

This isn't your average after school type of show. It's graphic and vulgar, which is why it's so great! The show tackles everything from masturbation to having kids with a pillow. Although I can't relate to the latter of that statement, the show itself has many relatable puberty moments for everyone! I decided what better way to contribute to the interweb than by posting my most relatable Big Mouth moments:

WARNING: might include some spoilers of season 3

Everybody Bleeds

In this episode, Jessi gets her period on a class field trip to the Statue of Liberty and to make matters worse, she is wearing white shorts. To assist her with this nightmare she confides in Andrew, who helps her to the best of his boy-ish abilities. It's like Nick Kroll spied into my life and ripped this scene from my memories. One of my most embarrassing moments in life would be when I got my period on a school field trip to a National Guard base. Like Jessi, I had a male teacher and didn't feel comfortable telling him about my visit from mother nature, so I confided in a female teacher. I'm sure Jessi and I could agree, it was one of the worst days ever.

Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality

The kids all have sleepovers in this episode. The girls go to Jessi's and the guys are at Jay's. At Jessi's house, Lola and Devin are teasing Missy and Jessi decides to stand up for her. This results in a dramatic emotional event amongst all the girls. Everyone is distraught with tears. Been there, done that! Elementary school, fourth grade to be exact. It was a sleepover at an old friends house. Snoop Dog literally started the entire debacle. A friend and I were discussing his music and our dear friend inquired about him. Me (being a very bratty 10 year old) told her that she wouldn't know who Snoop Dog is because she isn't black. Inserts facepalm emoji here. This caused a big argument amongst everyone. I started a freaking race war! Our passionate little hearts led us to tears and the silent treatment. Thanks to the host's parents for suggesting ping pong to diffuse our conflict.

What Is It About Boobs?


This episode as you probably figured is all about breast. The entire school notices that Gina's boobs have grown tremendously which sparks a fit of jealousy from the girls and lust from the boys. Like Missy, I wore tank undershirts for majority of my adolescence. I did not have boobs until like seventh grade, and even then it was nothing compared to the other girls. I was called 'boy' and 'flat chested' so many times until I pulled a Jessi and bought a pushup bra. It was a very cheap one, considering I didn't have much to actually push up. It at least gave my shirts the allusion that something was there and slightly boosted my confidence. Although, I still have very small boobs and I'll probably always be envious of the Gina's in the world.

Girls Are Angry Too

Two words: dress code. The root of all sexist evil in public school systems. In the episode Mr. Lizer creates a dress code for the girls. All in order for the boys to be able to contain themselves and their animalistic hormones. In true feminist fashion, the girls protest the rules by wearing their sluttiest outfits to school. While I didn't parade the halls in a bra and spandex shorts, I most definitely challenged the rules. My skirts rarely touched my fingertips, crop tops all the time (with high waisted jeans of course) and my shoulders were constantly out. The dress code in middle and high school were way more strict in regards to girls than guys. The guys in Big Mouth couldn't wear wrestling masks and shirts that swore while the girls couldn't wear leggings, short skirts, or crop tops. The disrespect!

What I mentioned was just a small portion of the mischief that the characters get into. Who knows how many scenarios in the show could relate to your life. Binge Big Mouth on Netflix now!

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