The 7 Most Favored Quartz Worktops Colors In 2020
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The 7 Most Favored Quartz Worktops Colors In 2020

Quartz countertops have become popular over the years due to their striking aesthetics and functional advantages.

The 7 Most Favored Quartz Worktops Colors In 2020

Quartz surfaces are available in an extensive range of colors and designs. Some of them even mimic the appearance of natural stone. You can also install marble, or granite-effect quartz, to add a natural ambience to your living space without having to deal with the downsides of natural stone.

Quartz worktops are known to be one of the top-notch materials for any home setting. Some of the noteworthy characteristics of quartz are its resistance to scratches, stains and heat. With minimal maintenance, these non-porous worktops can last a lifetime with simple cleaning using a clean cloth and soapy water.

Since quartz is non-porous, unlike many natural stones, it is considered to be a hygienic worktop option for kitchens. That is because it won't let water seep into the surface, and hence, it prevents the breeding of bacteria, viruses or germs. According to quartz worktops reviews, this material is around 99.9 percent bacteria-free. That makes it a perfect worktop option for kitchens.

It's easy to get lost into the endless colors, patterns, finishes and textures of this solid worktop material, so, here's a list of some of the most popular quartz worktop colors to consider in 2020.

1. Grey

To create a traditional or contemporary feel to your kitchen, you can play around with different shades of grey quartz worktops. The light tone is perfect for small kitchens that need to reflect light to make them appear more prominent. On the other hand, dark grey tones are classic for a large kitchen that needs a striking touch in its interior.

2. White

White quartz is an ideal option to reflect light and make any kitchen appear airy and spacious. With a white mirror quartz worktop you can easily create a luxurious vibe in a kitchen. Be it plain, or loaded with beautiful veining patterns, white quartz is perfect for creating minimal yet plush looking cooking spaces.

3. Black

If you don't like white worktops, pick a black quartz worktop to add a gorgeous, stylish and sleek appearance to your kitchen. This shade is perfect for playing with a classic monochromatic look. That's why many designers love to install black quartz worktops with timeless white cabinetry. This beautiful combination is unmatched and can turn any unfriendly space into a stunning area for socializing.

4. Cream

Cream quartz is subtle yet versatile and goes well with any contemporary or rustic interior. Even painted cream cabinets look great with a dark or soft-hued worktop. But if we talk specifically about cream countertops, they add a whole new dimension to any kitchen while allying with light. It's an excellent countertop color for modern kitchen designs in 2020.

5. Marble

The marble-effect worktops are available with some popular quartz brands, such as Silestone, Caesarstone, CRL or Compac Quartz. The best thing about the marble-effect quartz is that it carries no disadvantages of marble, such as staining or porosity issues.

When manufacturing marble-inspired quartz, companies perfectly replicate the best characteristics of natural marble while ensuring the quartz surfaces are highly durable and easy to maintain. There's an extensive range of marble-effect quartz worktops, so you can easily pick one to create a sleek and modern interior for your cooking space.

Some popular marble-effect quartz worktops are available in different shades like: Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold quartz, Caesarstone London Grey Quartz, Compac Unique Calacatta Quartz, CRL Calacatta and Caesarstone White Attica Quartz.

6. Concrete

Concrete does require sealing to stay durable in wet environments, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Despite regular maintenance, many homeowners prefer concrete. But, if you don't want to deal with its flaws, you can easily pick concrete-effect quartz worktops. These quartz surfaces are highly practical and retain the natural abilities of concrete worktops.

Some popular concrete-effect quartz worktops are: Unistone Concreto Quartz, Compac Dark Concrete Quartz, Caesarstone Rugged Concrete Quartz and Silestone Cemento Spa Quartz.

7. Mirror

To create a luxurious, yet dramatic, feel in a kitchen, it's best to install mirror quartz worktops. These worktops are ideal for creating monochromatic contrast with any neutral interior.

If you install a white, mirror quartz worktop in a dark kitchen, it will reflect light while giving the illusion of a spacious interior. With anti-stain treatment, these quartz worktops can resist stains, scratches, mould and mildew patches. That means it will remain as it is for many years to come.

You can easily choose from various mirror quartz worktop colors that are available in your nearest stores. Some popular shades from this range are white Mirror Quartz, Marble White, Snowflake Quartz, Frost White, Mirror Chip Quartz and Carrara Quartz.

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