Moscow Tattoo Company Is The Best Tattoo Studio

Anybody that knows me well knows I can be a bit ... impulsive.

The thing is, I either think things through for days, or I think of something and need to do the thing right then and there. Yesterday was one of the latter types of days.

I'd been thinking about getting a new tattoo for a while. I had tossed a few ideas around, one of which was a lyric from one of my favorite songs, but I hadn't made an appointment even for a consultation. I figured I'd eventually get around to it, but definitely not anytime soon.

Until yesterday.

After spending the day in Moscow, Idaho going to the farmers' market, brunch, and a Pride festival, I found myself gazing longingly at every tattoo shop I passed.

I wanted a new tattoo, and I wanted it that day.

I went home, disregarded the idea, and put on a movie. But I couldn't stop thinking about how much I needed a new tattoo on my body. It had to happen.

After asking around and a few quick Google searches, I found a tattoo shop in Moscow that was open late and that did walk-in appointments. The artists had some great work online, the site looked professional, my bank account was begging to be depleted — it was perfect!

So, I went to Moscow Tattoo Company.

I walked in with the quote in mind, a general area of my arm I wanted to be tattooed, and not much more. Immediately I was matched up with one of the artists, Ian, who talked through his recommendations for placement, font, and size. He listened to what I had to say, offered plenty of advice, and made me feel comfortable from the get-go.

After making a suitable stencil, we sat down and he got to work.

Not only did Ian talk through the entire process with me, but he made sure I was comfortable with him and with getting the tattoo done. He was easy to talk to, he was personable, and he seemed to genuinely care about the things we talked about. Ian did an incredible job, and the fine-lined quote on my arm looks absolutely perfect.

If you are in the Pullman/Moscow area and you are looking for a place to get a new tattoo, I 100% recommend Moscow Tattoo Company. The artists are all friendly and welcoming, and their talent is limitless.

For a fair price and a high-quality tattoo, I couldn't be happier.

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