Never should you see things from one side.

You know, people and places, they tend to collide.

There is arrogance, ignorance, and prejudice alike

There is love, and morals, and days that go just right.

Living on both sides, I’ve realized,

The Boogie Down isn’t so different from the 845.

And that is why I see the world with Two eyes.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s no surprise”

Everyone see’s with Both eyes

But if I asked you what was better, you’d be looking with a single mind focused on your side.

Jumping to conclusions to feed your pride.

And that’s fine.

I never said you couldn’t have pride.

But, sweeties, don’t be blind.

Don’t think that there could only be one kind.

The world is vast and open if you accept it.

We can bloom and change if we allow ourselves to.

Don’t be fool.

There is more to this world than just you.