So many restaurants are converting to paper straws.

The cute little striped ones that make you feel like you're at an old diner seem to be a huge hit. Of course, this is a huge accomplishment and saves so much plastic, but if you post it on your Instagram story and caption it with how you love saving the environment, you're lying to your followers and yourself.

Ladies, if you love saving the environment so much, there are so many other ways to help!

And no, posting a video of trash on your social media and saying there needs to be a change is not helping anyone.

If you want to see the change, you have to be the change!

Simple things, like recycling instead of throwing everything in the trash, can be helpful. Another great way to make a small change is to switch to beauty products that use recycled packaging. If we can use more brands that are environmentally conscious, big-name brands will have no choice but to follow the trend of recycled packaging.

Everyone wants to put their two cents in on how our planet is not being taken care of and how we need to do better, but there's never any personal changes.

If you brag on your contribution to helping our planet, then all you're doing is advocating and telling everyone that we all need to do better. Show people how to do better! Get off of Facebook, stop posting pictures that show pollution, and get out and pick up trash when you see it. Switch to products like reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. Make it a priority to actually use no straw instead of the cute paper ones.

Any contribution to helping the environment helps, but do not pose like you are Mother Nature if you do one good thing.

Continue to help your planet and get others on board to help out too. Call people out when you see them littering. Earn your status as an environmental activist, don't pose for it.

There is so much work that can be done to restore our beautiful planet. If every person that posts about saving the Earth on social media actually put forth a little effort and recycled or stopped using so many plastic products instead of posting about doing something, our planet would actually see changes.

Friends, use your paper straws instead of plastic ones but continue to find other ways to help out your planet too.