TV Recommendations: Netflix Originals #2
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TV Recommendations: Netflix Originals #2

41 options for your next obsession.

TV Recommendations: Netflix Originals #2

It's been months since I did my first article of Netflix Originals recommendations, and I've watched a lot of television since then. You can find something new to watch right here, where I include a short summary and score for each series. If a show you're interested in isn't on this list, then feel free to check out my original article. Lastly, I tried my best to include trigger warnings for shows that I know deal with sensitive topics at some point. I'm sure I forgot some though so make sure to look up the show for more info if you are concerned before watching. Happy binge-watching!

1. Family Reunion

After a successful family reunion, a family decides to relocate to a small town in Georgia and ends up living with their grandparents.

Number of seasons so far: 2 (upcoming season April 5)

Score: 6/10- There were some moments that were cute, but there were many others that felt extremely too corny in my opinion.

2. She's Gotta Have It

A young, black artist pursues her career and pursues relationships with multiple suitors at the same time.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 4/10- I watched this show exclusively to see Anthony Ramos and wish I could say I liked it more than I actually did. It is a very sexually graphic show with a whole lot of nudity, so be prepared for that and probably don't watch it with the whole family.

3. Mindhunter

In the late 1970s, 2 FBI agents begin to study what makes serial killers tick to better catch them.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 9/10- You get deeply invested in this show; it just takes a while for both seasons to build momentum.

4. Dead to Me

A widow unknowingly befriends a woman involved in her husband's death.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 9/10- I liked this show a lot more than I expected to.

5. Dear White People

At an Ivy League university, a collection of black students grapple with a number of issues relevant to today's world.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 7/10- It doesn't get more timely than this show; I just enjoyed some episodes much more than others or it would be scored higher.

6. The Babysitter's Club

Based on the beloved children's book series, this tells the story of a group of middle school girls creating a club to make babysitting more efficient in their town.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- When I say beloved, I mean BELOVED. I owned and had read over 70 of the books when I was a kid, so I, of course, had high expectations. They knocked it out of the park though.

7. Brews Brothers

2 brothers constantly bicker as they try to run a brewery together.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 5/10- It's an offbeat comedy that has it moments, but it's not the most entertaining of shows.

8. Bonding

A young man gets wrapped up in his friend from high school's job of being a dominatrix.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 6/10- It's a weird topic, I know, but once you get used to it, it can be pretty funny at times.

9. Prince of Peoria

A young prince wants the chance to be a normal, All-American boy, so he becomes the foreign exchange student of a boy and his single mother.

Number of seasons so far: 2 & 1 holiday special

Score: 7/10- It's a corny show for kids but still fairly funny for people of all ages.

10. Everything Sucks

The A/V club and theatre kids come together to make a movie when the school play gets cancelled with a backdrop of the 90s.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- There's some really heartfelt moments and lots of nostalgia, even for me- someone who wasn't alive in the 90s at all.

11. Atypical

A teenage boy on the spectrum takes it upon himself to get a girlfriend.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 9/10-There's not a lot of other shows on TV focusing on kids with autism, so this one's not only good but groundbreaking (Although we need to start hiring actors with autism to actually play the characters).

12. Workin' Moms

(Trigger Warning: postpartum depression) After giving birth to their babies and going on maternity leave, a group of moms are ready to take over their respective lives again.

Number of seasons so far: 4

Score: 7/10- There's something slightly off about this sitcom- maybe it's because it's Canadian.

13. Santa Clarita Diet

A realtor suddenly gets a craving for raw meat and starts eating people.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 10/10- I have serious beef with Netflix for cancelling one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

14. Turn Up Charlie

An aspiring DJ becomes the nanny of his famous friend's 11-year-old daughter.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- It has its moments like when a frazzled dad tries to help his daughter through her first period, but it wasn't exactly my cup of tea. (LOL, get it- tea, because there's many British people in this show, and it takes place in England)

15. Self-made: Inspired By The Life of Madam C.J. Walker

This series tells the real life story of the first self-made female millionaire- Madam C.J. Walker.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- I'm usually not a big fan of period pieces, but this one was both fairly entertaining and educational.

16. The Healing Powers of Dude

(Trigger Warning: anxiety-related disorders) A middle schooler with social anxiety deals with the horrors of school with his new emotional support dog, who we can hear the thoughts of.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 10/10- Having a children's show focus on an issue that so many people deal with is super important, and the magic realism they use in the show to display how anxiety can often make people feel is a genius move.

17. The Haunting of Hill House

(Trigger Warning: suicide, substance use disorder) A family moves into a creepy, old house, and now decades later, the siblings are still coping from the trauma.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- I'm about 2 years late on this show, and frankly based on all the attention it got, I thought it would be better.

18. Derry Girls

Taking place during The Troubles in the 90s, it follows a group of friends getting up to lots of shenanigans.

Number of seasons so far: 2

Score: 8/10- It starts off a little slow, but some of those jokes really start to hit after you get used to their specific brand of humor. Also, you start wanting to talk in their Irish accents after watching.

19. Get Even

4 British teens use their scheming skills to get back at jerks at their school, but then one of the jerks ends up dead.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- It's lacking in something that other teen mystery shows have, and I don't quite know what it is.

20. Teenage Bounty Hunters

Southern twin sisters find themselves suddenly thrusted into the world of bounty hunting.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- A surprisingly refreshing teen comedy that isn't afraid to tackle big topics like religion or sex.

21. Julie & The Phantoms

A super talented teen joins forces with a ghostly boy band.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- An all around super fun teen show chalked full of amazing original music, including one song that has my name in it (I feel honored).

22. Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event

4 episodes about all things competing featuring the casts of 4 Netflix original sitcoms- The Big Show Show, Mr. Iglesias, The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, & Family Reunion.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- I enjoy watching all these shows by themselves but combining them just isn't quite the same.

23. Cobra Kai

Decades after The Karate Kid, Daniel & Johnny are back as rivals- just this time, they're senseis.

Number of seasons so far: 3

Score: 8/10- Instead of making one side the worst one, this show does a great job of making you want to root for characters from both dojos. However, the 3rd season kind of ruins this a little bit and gives us some very annoying villains.

24. The Haunting of Bly Manor

In the 1980s, an American takes a job as an au pair for 2 orphans on a creepy estate where the last au pair died.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- I'm now a proud member of the Oliver Jackson-Cohen fan club.

25. Ratched

(Trigger Warning: several depictions of mental disorders) Famous for being the evil nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, we meet Nurse Ratched when she's first starting out at a mental institution in the 1940s.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- Heavy on the gore and on the drama.

26. Away

An inside look at the lives of the first astronauts on their way to Mars.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- I thought a show about space would be more exciting, but alas, it's not. However, they redeem themselves a little bit for the Deuce from Shake It Up sighting.

27. The Duchess

A single mother grapples with the decision of having another child.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- The mother-daughter relationship in this show is hilarious and reminds me a lot of Gilmore Girls.

28. The Queen's Gambit

(Trigger Warning: substance use disorder) Beth Harmon grows from a young girl learning chess at the orphanage to one of the best players in the whole world.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- Chess has never seemed this exciting before.

29. Emily in Paris

American Emily Cooper acclimates to her new life in Paris after her job takes her there.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- Everything about this show is sugary sweet but honestly sort of what we needed in the dumpster fire that was 2020.

30. Grand Army

(Trigger warning: sexual assault) We get a glimpse at the lives of a slew of students at Grand Army High School in Brooklyn.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- Pretty solid. Pretty solid.

31. Social Distance

An anthology series that showcases different people trying to adjust to the "new normal" of the pandemic.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- I'm sort of tired of all things pandemic-related, but some of the episodes in this series I really enjoyed.

32. Mismatched

Two Indian teens butt heads at a summer camp for coding after their parents tried to set them up together.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 5/10- I love the book that this show is based on (When Dimple Met Rishi), but this is so far from the original source material. I understand changing the setting from California to India, but so many other things changed too, and I was kind of let down.

33. Dash & Lily

Two teens in New York City leave each other dares in a red notebook during Christmastime.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- A must-watch for anyone who wants to get in the holiday spirit.

34. Selena: The Series

This series chronicles the rise to fame of the icon Selena.

Number of seasons so far: 1 (upcoming season May 14)

Score: 6/10- There was just a lot of little things about this show that when added together made it seem like not a strong enough tribute to someone as big as Selena.

35. Tiny Pretty Things

After a suspicious accident leaves the star ballerina in a coma, a new girl is brought into the cutthroat world of an elite ballet school.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- It might get weird at times, but there is something kind of addicting about this show.

36. Bridgerton

(Trigger Warning: sexual assault) It's the 1800s, and we get to watch as a mysterious gossip writer affects the lives of the Bridgerton siblings.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- This show was understandably everyone's obsession, but at times, it made me mad, so I didn't vibe as much.

37. Firefly Lane

(Trigger Warning: sexual assault) We witness a friendship spanning decades and the complexities that come with these two women's lives.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 6/10- I don't know if I'm supposed to dislike one of the main characters so much more than the other, but I kind of do- maybe I just relate to Kate's character more, because I find Tully kind of annoying in the later years (I enjoy the scenes when they're both teens though).

38. The Crew

This follows a racing crew with a losing record and a new boss, trying to adjust.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 9/10- I enjoyed this comedy so much more than I expected; it was genuinely pretty darn funny.

39. Ginny & Georgia

(Trigger Warning: domestic violence, eating disorders) Teenage Ginny has to deal with moving to yet another new town with her super young mom and little brother.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 5/10- The tasteless Taylor Swift comment aside, this show just seemed poorly written. The actors all did a good job with what they were given, but some of the dialogue is super cringey, especially the stuff coming from the teenagers.

40. Country Comfort

A struggling country singer accidentally becomes the nanny of a widower's 5 children.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 8/10- Is it a concept that's been done before? Yes. Are there some really cheesy lines every now and then? Absolutely. However, it's insanely entertaining. P.S. I did find it truly refreshing that the nanny didn't embark on a relationship with the widower because I 100% expected that.

41. Zero Chill

Twin siblings are all about their respective sports of figure skating and hockey, but when one of them gets an opportunity with a prestigious team in England, the whole family moves there from Canada and has to adjust.

Number of seasons so far: 1

Score: 7/10- Pretty easy to watch but will never hold a candle to the other ice skating show that Netflix decided to cancel- Spinning Out.

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