Monica Geller-Bing, aka “Big Fat Goalie,” is, without a doubt, the most detestable character on the long-adored show "Friends." She may have an uncontrollable need to please people, but that doesn’t mean she’s everyone’s favorite. While she probably tried to color-code and cross-reference her way into our hearts, it definitely didn’t work.

Here’s why Monica is the worst of the friends.

1. Monica is a bit of a control freak.

As an extremely disorganized character who is more comfortable in the position of a follower, it’s hard to understand why she was always in charge of everything.

2. And she’s a little competitive.

If she finds out you’re good at table tennis, she may want to enter doubles tournaments. And NO ONE wants to enter doubles tournaments, especially with Monica.

3. And she always has to be right.

And she won’t accept it if she is actually wrong.

4. She ALWAYS has to host every event the six have together.

Monica may have the best apartment of the friends and be a professional chef, but that shouldn’t stop Joey from getting the Joey Special and have everyone over in his inherently subpar apartment that doesn’t even have a kitchen table.

5. She has something against jellyfish for some reason.

A jellyfish stung her, so what? It’s not like she’s two miles away from the house and in unbelievable pain. No need to curse an entire species.

6. And also against men.

It’s not like her dating resume has a guy who lied about impotence, a high schooler who fibbed on his age, a misogynist who wrote insulting poems, or a millionaire who chose UFC fighting over her. Oh, wait…

7. She prefers that everything be clean.

Having fun at Monica’s apartment means eating cookies over the sink, keeping the green ottoman in the same place, and not touching the refrigerator magnets.

8. Monica will probably get mad if you get an answer wrong in a trivia game.

If you can’t handle pressure, don’t play with Monica. Or at least make sure that your answer is a real word.

9. She has an impractical taste in shoes.

Why buy a pair of boots that were made by someone who hated feet? That’s just a waste of money.

10. And in hairstyles.

It’s a treat for the eyes and the ears that doubles as a curse.

11. Monica is a world-class seductress.

I mean, she doesn’t even give anyone else a chance with tactics like a box of pasta, carrots, and a steak knife.

12. If you’re taking too long, she will open your presents.

Meanwhile, you’re running around the city recreating your wedding photos.

13. Monica’s voicemail messages always have to be breezy.

If you’re going to call your ex-boyfriend, you definitely want to sound like you’re hung up on him, so why was she so concerned?

14. At Thanksgiving, she’ll probably put the turkey on her head.

Because nothing good can come from sticking your head up a dead animal, not even getting your commitment-phobe boyfriend to say “I love you” first.

15. She gives the worst best massages.

If a friend can’t even do a massage well, are they worth keeping around?

16. Monica will ALWAYS be drunk at her birthday party.

Her parents see her drunk all the time.

17. She has a strange preference for the number seven.

If it were up to Monica, the number system would start with seven, since it’s her favorite for some reason. What about one through six? Monica just hurt their feelings.