Money management can be a constant struggle. It's sometimes a battle between what you want and what you need or what you need to save for. These are some of the questions I've asked myself over the last couple of years about money.

1. How many hours do I need to work to pay tuition?

Especially during the summer, almost all of the money needs to go to the tuition bill.

2. Now, what about getting textbooks?

Figuring out where to rent/buy the books, which books you actually need for each class, takes time and effort and is often a lot more expensive than you thought they were going to be.

3. With tuition paid, what's left?

Not a lot, but maybe I could do something fun with friends later.

4. Fun can be inexpensive, right?

The movies, a water park, maybe a museum nearby that has free admission. All options that are mostly cheap and easy to do in a day.

5. Do I need this?

As school looms closer, the money is usually spent on essentials for school, like food or notebooks.

6. Or do I just want it?

Getting cool new things to decorate the dorm room with that may or may not be necessary is always fun but not always the best idea.

From buying food to getting gas, from paying tuition to that parking fine from three weeks ago or buying a textbook that you didn't realize you needed, college students spend a lot of money in a lot of ways. Outside of tuition, there are lots of questions that I've had to ask myself in the past and will be asking myself in the future.