43 Moms Give Advice To College Girls That You Didn't Know You Needed
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Student Life

43 Moms Give Advice To College Girls And You Might Cry

"Just do you. Glorious, beautiful you."

43 Moms Give Advice To College Girls And You Might Cry
Riley Farrell

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you powerwalk your way from a PTA meeting to reward yourself with a glass of wine at the end of a day?

Is giving (sometimes unsolicited) advice your forte?

Do you use Pinterest to find the right quote to post on Facebook?

Would you selflessly do anything for your kids, without ever asking for a "thank you"?

Do you embody strength and wisdom in everything you do?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, congrats, you might be a mom! Man oh man, this is a high compliment because moms absolutely make the world go 'round. Unless you are a hormonal tween or are oblivious to how you came into existence, I don't need to tell you the value of moms. However, this Mother's Day, you still ought to take the opportunity to show your life-giver some gratitude for her kind and thoughtful words of wisdom. (Hint: maybe you could send her this article!).

If you have doubts or need a reminder this Mother's Day that moms are the best, I've gathered the sage college advice from a multitude of the moms in my life. And trust me, something they say will apply to your experience at university.

1. "Always eat the dessert."

2. "There's this thing about your situational stress: all it takes is real life to come along... and you realize that it was actually bliss all along. So enjoy this sweet time in college because it goes by fast."

3. "Don't sweat it so much. Really."

4. "Call your mother!"

5. "Learn to accept and love yourself, just as you are, but also to love yourself enough to allow yourself to grow and evolve into something even more beautiful. If we can actually begin to see ourselves as God sees us, it’s then that our actions will come *from* a place of acceptance instead of trying *for* acceptance.... it will change everything!"

6. "You can."

7. "Explore! Run around as much as you possibly can. Now is the time to can travel, go on road trips, study abroad, book your flight, whatever."

8. "At parties: guard your drink and your heart."

9. "Don’t compromise your dignity for anyone. Even if they are cute or funny."

10. "Dreaming is great and all, but at a certain point, you have to actually start doing. Might as well start now."

11. "Learn to be comfortable in discomfort."

12. "What do girls your age do? Selfies? Snapchat? Here is what I will say. If you send risqué photos, do not show your face in them. Or, better yet, maybe just don't send those photos."

13. "Do something that you normally wouldn't do. Hang around people who you wouldn't normally hang out with. Get out of your comfort zone as much as you can because that is when we grow the most. It can be kind of scary, but I thinkn it opens more opportunities for us to meet new people, build new relationships, and try new adventures." 

14. "Expand your mind! Speaking from personal experience, college is the prime time for this widening of horizons. Be open-minded and open-hearted."

15. "Stop wasting your youth being self-conscious about little, tiny, insignificant things! Who cares about your cellulite or your nose? Nobody! Just be happy with yourself and move on."

16. "Don't be fooled. Boys are still stupid."

17. "Make 'to do' lists and use them."

18. "College is the time when you turn into the person who you're going to be. So, choose your community wisely. Finding others on the same page as you will help you live out your convictions. It gives you allies, not just convenient bodies around you to make you feel less like a loser."

19. "I will just say what I needed to hear when I was in college: God's love and forgiveness are larger than any mistake. Your sporadic poor choices will never define you as a person. If you happen to look in the mirror one day and detest the person you've become, you have a solution. Chat with God and pray for grace. Then, do not hold onto your dark sin like a token. Let. It. Go. The Lord's compassion renews itself every morning, no matter what happened last night."

20. ​"Treat all people with love and try to understand their perspectives, even if you disagree with them at first."

21. "College really won't be your peak, despite the common belief."

22. "It is easy to be that person who complains. You know, college is stressful. But, try being the positive person who blesses others with your happy words."

23. "This might be a reality check but college is *not* free. Grab your education by its horns. Newsflash: it is cool to be the smart girl now. All it takes is showing up to classes that excite you. After that, all the notes, grades, and essays you need will come easily."

24. ​"God has a plan for your life! Don't get boggled down. College is just one minuscule chapter in your awesome storybook."

25. "My advice is to just do whatever you want. At your age, you're not going to listen to the piece of advice I have to give anyway, and that's fine!"

26. "You will look back at what seems so traumatic right now and see that it is not a huge deal at all. Just know that whatever you're going through shall pass. Remember that, when you're in a difficult moment, it's just a moment." 

27. "Dance often."

28. "Lower your big *life* expectations. It'll make you more grateful."

29. "Put down the credit card! Try not to ruin your finances already. Save!"

30. "Saying 'yes' is overrated. You should finally figure out how to say 'no'. Whether it is to pesky circumstantial sadness, to being taken advantage of in a group project, to the punch in a frat house, or to boys who do not see your worth - say 'no'."

31. "In the words of Pixar, just keep swimming."

32. "For. The. Love. Don't be the girl who takes off her shoes at a party and pukes on herself. Not that I have any personal experience with that."

33. "Everything in moderation."

34. "Take pictures with your friends at every chance you get. You'll treasure the sentimental photos and wish your skin still looked like that."

35. "Eat for energy. Get good sleep; seven to eight hours!"

36. "Don't be afraid to ask for help. From a professor, an advisor, or an RA."

37. "Be sure you know how to apply what you've learned." 

38. "Get a Christian network, quick."

39. "I would say to talk to your professors and go to their office hours. Let them know who you are a build a relationship and get advice from them on studying for their tests, assignments, etc. It truly does make a difference when they are calculating grades on whether they can put a name with a face and possibly rounding your grade to the next category." 

40. "Get involved with something you’re interested in within the first two weeks. Get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to attend a meeting of some kind. Whip out! Introduce yourself!"

41. "Besides wear your retainer? Take advantage of all the opportunities you get in college because it is the most fun yet rewarding time you will have. You have the rest of your life to work."

42. "Don’t be in such a hurry! And under that broad umbrella is the very important task of taking the time to get to know yourself and get to know your passions. Being slow, deliberate, and true to yourself will help guide you to take the steps towards what’s going to make you the most happy. Basically: be you, fearlessly pursue what sets your soul on fire, and slow down. Just do you. Glorious, beautiful you."

43. "Listen to your mom."

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