You May Think It's Cheap, But Mom Thinks It's Priceless

You May Think It's Cheap, But Mom Thinks It's Priceless

Mothers prefer genuine effort over monetary value.


In honor of Mother's Day, I thought it would be appropriate to make a little public service announcement.

Mother's Day is all about the moms. It's the day when you typically buy a heartfelt card, or humorous depending on the mom, order a bouquet of her favorite flowers, buy her presents, etc.

While our moms appreciate these gestures, somewhere in the back of their mind, they're probably remembering all the past Mother's Days when you (and your siblings) were younger. You would come home with whatever projects your teachers forced you to make while they said some variation of "follow your heart and be creative". You would give your mom a homemade card or, if your teacher went above and beyond with wooden figurines and paint, some type of painted concoction. In the moment, you thought it was the most artistic thing in the world, and your mom treated it like a masterpiece, like you were a Van Gogh reincarnate. Now that you're grown and look at it, you wonder what in the world you were thinking.

But guess what? Despite all the flowers, jewelry, and Hallmark cards, your mom still considers your elementary school projects the best gifts she has ever received.

Obviously high school teachers and college professors don't take time during their lectures to host a Mother's Day create-a-gift event. Instead, we go out and buy things that we think our moms will like. Granted, they normally do and appreciate the fact that you remembered and spent the time to pick it out, but there's always a little piece missing; the creative, straight-from-the-heart, homemade, flashback-to-childhood gestures.

Thus, leading me to my PSA and 2019 Mother's Day proposal: let's revert back to homemade gifts this year.

Let's make cards: construction paper, magic markers, crayons, glitter, whatever. Let's turn it into an art project (visiting literally any craft store for supplies): some type of wooden, porcelain, (etc.) figurine that is her favorite whatever-it-is and paint from the heart. (Cheesy, I know.) And if its not your best work, who cares?

Also, a bouquet of her favorite flowers can still be a factor if you want.

Believe it or not, especially with some of the ridiculously expensive gifts I've seen friends' moms receive, your mom would love it. And so would your bank account because it would more than likely be significantly cheaper. The amount of effort you put into a gift shows how much you care and it would mean the world to her. There might even be tears- you never know.

Whatever you do, make sure it's from the heart; not 99% from your wallet.

As cheesy and cheap as you may think it is, she'll think it's priceless.

If you happen to be lacking in the creativity department, Pinterest is the way to go... even though you won't be thinking for yourself and adopting other people's ideas. But hey, to each their own.

Good luck!

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When You Give A Girl A Papa

She'll learn enough lessons to last a lifetime.

When you give a girl a Papa she'll have the best adventures.

She'll run around atop his shoulders and learn to fly. Her imagination will never run dry and she'll always be down for a laugh. He'll tell her stories and wipe away her tears. When you give a girl a Papa she'll have memories to last her years.

Papa is German for Dad but in America, it has become a slang term for grandpa. And while it is just a word, for some, it has a deeper meaning. Papa isn't just a grandfather, he's a best friend, the instigator of mischief, a protector, a storyteller, a rock, the strongest man you know and, most importantly, a hero.

Papa can turn ordinary, everyday activities into an adventure. From a young age, I was running behind him as quickly as my little legs could carry me ready for that day's adventure. I was always down for anything Papa was doing, following him in his daily chores and mimicking his every move. Cuddling up and watching sports in his lazy chair was my favorite time of the day because he always told the best stories. Sitting there hanging onto every word he said because it was the most important thing I ever heard.

Papa is full of experience and wisdom. His wise words provide comfort every time I am sad. He can always make me laugh to fight the tears away. I'm not sure how, but he always knows what to say to make me feel better. Papa is a fearless force that never bows and is never broken. He can weather all of the storms while smiling and laughing. I can only hope to have that resilience when facing life's problems. And when Papa was struggling with his own battles, I will stand right next to him, ready to fight and do all I can for him.

Papa can do a happy dance via the phone so he is the person to call when something good happens. He is always there to celebrate life and all its joy. And, even though he tried to hide them, he cried happy tears the day of my high school graduation. I pretended not to notice.

Leaving Nana and Papa's house is always the worst part of the trip. Driving away waving my hand in the air with tears welling in my eyes because I can't wait for the next adventure. Disappointing Papa was the scariest thing you I could think of, but I knew that he would never stay that way for long. There was always a lesson to learn from mistakes.

He is the man I model all men after. If they don't treat me the way Papa demonstrated, they are not worthy of my time. If they don't make me laugh or have that twinkle of passion in their eyes and fire in their soul like my Papa, then they aren't the man for me.

Papa is my hero. I would give anything to be like him, to stand strong and hold the world together when it just wants to fall apart. To be able to make anyone laugh and feel right at home. To fight for what I believe in and work hard to achieve my goals. To have charisma and charm. To deal with people who wrong me with class and kindness. To follow my faith with questions because that is the only way to make your beliefs stronger. To be the person everyone speaks of with a fond memory in their eye.

At the end of it all, he is my Papa and no one can take his place. I can and will drop anything to be by his side. He has shaped me into the person that I am working to be. I will always call him for advice and kind words.

Best friends come in many forms, but my favorite will always be my Papa.

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Goddard

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For Mom On Mother's Day, So She Knows How Much Of A Role Model She Is

I genuinely do not know where I would be today without my mother.


My mom always tells me how when I was born I wouldn't stop crying till I was in her arms. I guess that goes to show how attached I am to my mother. I've told many people in my life that the one person that I can't imagine living my life without is my mother. It sounds so cliche, but my mom is my best friend. If you have ever told me anything, there is a 95% chance that I told my mom about it.

I love my mom with all of my heart, but I have never taken the time out of my day to tell her how much I love her. So, in honor of mother's day, I thought that dedicating this article to her would be the perfect place to start.

My mother, without a doubt, is the strongest woman that I know. Coming to America, my mother was relatively young and didn't know much English, like most immigrants. Despite all of this, my mother pushed herself and learned English to be able to do everything she wanted and needed to do independently. While she always had my dad and my sister to lean on to do things, my mother was always the woman who wanted to be able to do everything independently. She doesn't sit around and wait for someone to do things for her, she gets up, rolls her sleeves up and does it herself.

My mother is the most supportive parent that I've ever met. Never once in my life did she force me to do anything that I didn't want to. She has never discouraged me from trying to achieve my dreams and my aspirations, regardless of how silly and stupid they were. She always encouraged me to find my true passion and my real purpose in life, and she has supported me every step along the way. My mother has always believed in me, even in moments where I didn't believe in myself.

My mother has the most childlike innocence that makes her even more fabulous. She gets her happiness from simple things like seeing her garden filled with plants and flowers or when she finishes whatever big project she's working on at the moment. She's always the first one to get on the dance floor and the last one to leave it. She's always living in the moment, enjoying and cherishing every moment of life, and that is one other thing that I adore about her.

My mother spreads happiness wherever she goes. Her smile makes any stressful day turn into a happy one. There's not a day in my house that my mom isn't joking around and spreading joy. Her presence makes everything light up. Even when I'm having the worst day, just laying on her lap or sitting next to her will ease all of my worries.

My mother is also the most patient person that I know. God knows how annoying my sister and I are. We are the most frustrating people that I know. Yet, mother showers us with love and care every single day, for that, I am beyond grateful.

I genuinely do not know where I would be today without my mother. She is nothing less than an angel sent straight from Heaven. I am beyond blessed to be able to call such a brave, compassionate, talented, independent and all-around amazing person my mother. I love you Ma!

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