A Thank You Letter To My Mom

Mom, Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally

I love you.


They say a girl's first love is her father, but for me, it was my mother.

My mother is the most incredible and wise woman I've ever met. Being a single parent, I've witnessed my mom at her lowest and highest moments in life. But despite the challenges she faced, each endurance was a lesson and was handled with courage. Teaching her children the widths and lengths of this earth, she encouraged us to chase our dreams and to always reach for the sky. How can you not love that? This one is for you, mom.

Dear Mom,

Mom, I can't thank you enough for the life you have given me. You have shown me what a woman is and can be. You've walked this planet with grace and dignity and it shows. The amount of love you have to offer me and this world is beyond me. To be a single parent in this world is hard enough, but to be a black single parent is a much bigger difficulty. However, you have shown that you aren't defined by the system that was placed before us. I am proud of your accomplishments, big and small. You always remind me that you support me, and I want you to know that I support you as well.

Despite our arguments over boys, bad habits, spending problems, and oversleeping you've constantly pushed me to do better. I thrive because of you. If not for your words of wisdom I would probably be in bad shape. I remember one time I came to you about boy problems (the first time EVER) and you welcomed me with comfort and support. You said, "picture an apple tree, a boy who is in a rush will reach for an apple that is located at the bottom of the tree. But, a man will reach for the apple at the top of the tree. And baby you are worth reaching for." I will never forget that moment, you had shown me that I worth waiting for and that is important for a girl to understand.

Lastly, I'm sorry for putting you through so much. I tend to lose sight of what is important. And you constantly bring me back to earth, thank you. Your parenting skills have humbled me deeply and pushed me to do better. You always remind me to ask myself if I'm a giver or a taker, and that truly put things in perspective. Whether it's challenging me or making me do the dishes, mom you are constant light in my life and I couldn't be more grateful. I couldn't be more proud to say I am the daughter of Angela Wilson.

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13 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother

The older you get, the more you wonder how she can possibly do it all.

We may think that we’re so different from our mothers, but let’s face it… we know that we’re going to end up just like them. (And that’s definitely not a bad thing!!) Yes, your mom probably made you get awful bangs at some point, but she told you that you were beautiful through your awkward stage and she continues to show you unconditional love every single day. So in honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I decided to reflect on some things that make you think, “I’m turning into my mother”...

1. You have a new found love for HGTV.

Thanks mom for introducing me to the show Fixer Upper, now we can both obsess over Chip and Joanna together. #shiplapforeve r

2. You say "text me when you're home" to your friends.

This may be something very mom-like to say, but hey better safe than sorry!

3. You bring a jacket with you everywhere.

You’re the friend that will always bring a jacket to an event due to the chance that it could get chilly. Or even better, you’ve been the one to remind others to bring their jackets too.

4. You aren't as up to date with pop culture.

Who sings this song again?? Wait, they broke up??

5. You feel a deep obligation to clean before guests come over.

If you’ve recently felt stressed or panicked because your place is a mess and you have company coming over, you may be experiencing the universal “crazy mom cleaning mode.”

6. You always have tissues.

Because you never know when someone’s going to spill or sneeze, and you might as well be prepared amiright?

7. You enjoy giving gifts.

The older you get, the more joy you find in making others happy with finding that perfect gift.

8. You use your email frequently.

Suddenly you actually use and check your email multiple times each day like a functioning adult. Why can’t we go back to the times when you only needed your email to make a club penguin account??

9. You get excited about sales, deals, and coupons.

Admit it, the occasional coupon here and there is thrilling.

10. You cook her recipes.

But let’s be real, you usually have to call your mom at least 5 times because you have questions about how to successfully cook something without burning it.

11. You use a planner to organize your life.

How else are you going to keep track of all of your assignments, appointments, and social events??

12. You have an obscene amount of Tupperware.

Bonus points if you use old containers from other foods as your “Tupperware."

13. You appreciate your mom for everything she does.

The older you get, the more you wonder how she can possibly do it all. You’re forever thankful to have such a strong and fabulous woman to look up to in your life!

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A Letter To The Moms In My Life

The urban dictionary provides plenty of definitions for what a mother is.


The urban dictionary provides plenty of definitions for what a mother is like: "the best person on earth because she raised you to be who you are and probably loves you no matter what" or "the most amazing, strong, loving, and heroic woman you will ever know."

To my mother, I want to thank you for raising me to be independent, self-sufficient and driven.

Because of you, I am so much stronger than I ever imagined.

To my boyfriend's mother, I want to thank you for being the mother to the man I love.

Because of you, I have a kind, generous man to take care of me and cherish me. I have a second motherly figure in addition to my own to rely on.

To my grandma, I want to thank you for being a rock for me, and our whole family.

Because of you, our family is seemingly capable of anything. You are so loving and supportive and it has a lasting effect on everyone you meet.

I never knew how blessed I was to have the women in my life until I moved away to college and now that I know, I can't repay them enough. There's no way I would be who I am today without the influence of the incredible women in my life.

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