Most mothers are self-proclaimed "cool moms." They think they could easily hang with their kids' generation of music, fashion, and media. I decided to put this confidence to the test by giving my own mom a pop culture quiz complete with current lyrics, phrases, and references. Here are her hilariously misinformed answers:

1. Fill in the blank: "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande

Thought I'd end up with a lot of money

But he wasn't a money maker

Wrote some songs about bein' rich

Now I listen and cry

Even almost got a lottery ticket

And for that, I'm so thankful

Wish I could say, "Thank you" to my kids

'Cause he was a handful

2. Fill in the blank: "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift

So it's gonna be Christmas

Or it's gonna go poorly

You can tell me when it's time to open gifts

If the gifts were worth the trouble

Got a long list of people

They'll tell you thanks

'Cause you know I love the holidays

And you love the good food

3. Guess Who: What is the name of the famous male singer known for his smooth dance moves, who is also a judge on "World of Dance?"

Jason Da Rillo

4. Guess Who: Who sings this song lyric--"Now they always say congratulations, worked so hard, forgot how to vacation"?

Kanye West

5. Guess Who: Who is James Charles?

A jazz singer.

6. Guess Who: What celebrity is featured in the "Hey Girl" meme?

Keke ("You know, from the song.")

7. Guess Who: Who invented the "Milly Rock?"

Milly Vanilli

8. Movie Trivia: What's the first rule of the fight club?

Never fight without your gloves on.

9. Movie Trivia: Complete the "Mean Girls" quote--"So if you're from ________, why are you ________?"

the cool group; wearing your grandma's sweater

10. Movie Trivia: Complete the Hunger Games quote--"That is _______!"


11. Slang: What is "ship" short for?

"Ships ahoy!" which means "bye, I'm outta here!"

12. Slang: What does "straight fire" mean?

Cut to the chase; get straight to the point

13. Slang: What does "bae" stand for?

Buddies Are Excellent

14. Slang: What are Beyonce's fans called?


15. Slang: What are Lady Gaga fans?


16. Slang: What does GOAT stand for?

Get On A Train

17. What does FTW stand for? (Example: "Finished my project an hour before it was due, FTW!")

Flying Through Work