24 Experiences You've Had As The Mom Of Your Friend Group
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24 Experiences You've Had As The Mom Of Your Friend Group

"Maybe you should have a glass of water."

24 Experiences You've Had As The Mom Of Your Friend Group
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Chances are, you became the mom of your friend group early on. In middle school, you were making sure everyone was getting their homework done before you had a High School Musical sing-along. In high school, you were the one slipping hand warmers into your friends pockets at football games on Friday nights. And now in college, you’re probably the reason everyone is still in one piece. If you’re truly the mom of the friend group, you’ve had these 24 experiences.

1. You regularly keep snacks in your backpack.

2. You have run up behind someone to tuck their shirt tag in.

3. Your fridge is usually stocked with Gatorade and/or Pedialyte.

4. You find yourself saying "have a glass of water" several times a day.

5. You've corralled your friends into an Uber at two in the morning.

6. You keep a blanket in your car for when your friends fall asleep while you're driving.

7. You also keep a towel in your car in case of any major bleeding incidents.

8. You've debated requesting payment from your friends who regularly use all your band-aids.

9. You're the one everyone calls at three in the morning when life gets hard.

10. You have the phone numbers saved for poison control, your university police, and the closest 24/7 walk-in clinic.

11. You've almost fallen asleep on the floor of the bathroom while you supervise your friend's drunk shower before bed.

12. You actually get excited when you're picked to drive everyone to an event.

13. You've driven across town without a second thought when your friends were stranded.

14. You're famous for being the friend who saves everyone from the drunk hook-up they would have regretted in the morning.

15. Half of your text messages say "Let me know when you get home safe!!!"

16. You've actually started responding to being called "Mom".

17. You find yourself getting way too excited when you replace your dish sponge or find your favorite laundry detergent on sale.

18. You keep tampons in your backpack not just for yourself, but for your friends who never remember to carry their own.

19. You bring extra bottles of sunscreen on game day just for your teammates to use.

20. It's a big deal when one of your friends introduce their significant other to you because you're the harshest judge.

21. You’ve answered questions from “Can I take my missed birth control pill?” to “Is it safe for me to take more Tylenol yet?” no matter what your experience is in the medical field.

22. You find that you have apologized to complete strangers for the behavior of your friends, as if you were apologizing for your own misbehaving children.

23. You love getting cards on Mother's day, or occasionally a new mug/wine glass that says "best mom ever".

24. You complain that you’re the sole reason your friends are alive, but honestly, you can’t imagine having things any other way. You are the proud Mom of your group and someday, your kids will thank you.

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