Being little and being raised with a tomboy mom and a football coaching dad I was never really girly. As I got older all the other girls got more dressy. I did not get really into fashion until about the tenth grade. I was your typical t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers girl growing up. The only time I got somewhat cute and dressed up was to go to church.

Here's a little insight into my life. Until the age of about seven, my mom wore t-shirt, jeans, and boots to work every day. In my eyes, she was gorgeous just like that. She never wore makeup and hardly ever got dressed up. When I was seven or eight she got a job where she couldn't dress like that anymore. I told myself I did not like that. While she did dress me cute I was almost always in jeans. I loved jeans and I loved t-shirts.

A little more insight on me is the fact that my dad is a football coach. I was with him a lot on the weekends so that meant football games and hanging out in the yard. Doing that as a child I never really felt the need to look all girly like other girls in my grade.

When I hit about the tenth grade I realized I was the only girl still wearing t-shirts and jeans. I started getting more girly. I got more girly and more girly. I started learning makeup and started caring about my hair. When I hit college I really cared. Now that I am a junior in college I dress up almost everyday and care about my hair and makeup.

There is still that little tomboy girl deep down especially when I am with softball. I found the happy medium and I love it.

My parents raised me not being girly. As I got older I turned girly. Now they aren't too sure what to do at times. Although sometimes I surprise them and go back to my tomboy ways. I love the way I was raised and wouldn't change it for anything.