I have a very special lady in my life. And yes, it is my mom. She is literally the bomb dot com, dot edu, dot gov, slash uk. I love her to the moon and back so press play below while you read the reasons why my mom is better than yours.

1. She listens to all your problems then tells you exactly what you need to hear.

2. But she will practice tough love, too.

3. My mom is literally gorgeous.

Growing up my mom was always stopped in the grocery store to be told how gorgeous her hair and skin were. Do you know how many times I have been stopped?

4. She is always there when one of her kids needs her.

5. Speaking of, she has five kids.

Only in a Catholic family, am I right?

6. She loves me as I am.

7. My mom is always trying to make me the best version of myself.

AKA, taking away the chips from me after I have consumed half the bag.

8. She's a really good dancer...

If you know my mom and have been to a wedding with her, this one will make you laugh.

9. She loves to gossip with her kids and keep up with all the cool things happening.

10. My mom is the world's most thoughtful person.

And by that I mean, she's the bomb at giving gifts. Like to anyone relatively close to our family. My brother's ex-girlfriend has even gotten Christmas presents after they broke up.

11. She has made my favorite part of the day when I come home and see her.

You're getting the feels, right?