A Look Into Molly Burch

Let Me Show You Something You've Never Heard

We are going to be looking at a somewhat hidden singer/songwriter, Molly Burch, and her newest song, "To the Boys."

Photographer: Valerie Chiang

Does anyone else have that friend that holds a very unique, yet peculiar taste in music, movies, books, etc.? Well, that's me!

It is fairly hard to find people that share similar interests with me, because I genuinely enjoy stuff that not everyone is familiar with. But overall, it's okay. I discover new things everyday, and I am NOT complaining. Molly Burch just so happens to be my new favorite artist! Her newest single is an absolute banger.

First, a little background information on Molly Burch. She was born in Austin, Texas, into a family that was mostly affiliated with the entertainment industry. Her mother was a casting director and her father was a writer/producer. Although Burch was nervous about joining the movie industry, she always knew that she liked performing, but a different kind of performing. so she started singing when she was 11, and ever since then, she knew that it was something she was passionate about.

When I first heard the song "To the Boys" on Apple Music, I fell in love with it automatically. It was super soothing to the ear, and it radiated a feel-good vibe that made me want to physically stand up and dance.

Although there is no official hidden meaning to the song yet, I believe that I connected the dots enough myself. The song is pretty short and repetitive, but it still does the job.

The song starts out with the verse:

"I'm not a quiet singer
But I'm a quiet talker
They tell me to be louder
No, I won't even bother
No, I won't even bother
That's not my style"

In an article about Molly Burch, I read that she had anxiety but when she got on stage, she "transformed." I think that these lines are about how the people around her try to tell her to speak up and be a little more bold, but she physically can't because her anxiety is taking a toll on her. The next verse is basically Burch pushing the fact that she isn't going to change, not even for a boy:

"I don't need to scream to get my point across
I don't need to yell to know that I'm the boss
That is my choice
And this is my voice
You can tell that to the boys
(You can tell that to the boys)
You can tell that to the boys"

She isn't going to change for anyone, so she is stressing the fact that she's perfectly fine the way she is.

"Answer, answer, answer me
Can you listen carefully?
I'm not what you want me to be and I never will
I hope you're listening still
(I hope you're listening still)
I hope you're listening still"

She fears the fact that nobody will stay with her and accept her the way that she is, thus the line "I hope you're listening still." She wants that person to be there still when they see her imperfections.

Although Molly is fairly successful in the music industry, she claims that she doesn't completely have it together, so it's okay for her listeners to be a bit sloppy mentally as well.

I suggest that everyone listen to at least one song by Molly Burch. Her voice is smooth and slips into the ear.

"I was aware that people were actually listening to my music and having a positive experience, I wanted to reveal my own struggles with fear and anxiety," she explains. "I do not have the answers by any means, but I wanted to talk about those imperfections. I wouldn't want someone who listens to my music to think that I have it all figured out. I don't."

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