As A College Girl Who Eats Mexican Food, Chipotle Is Great, But Moe's Is Just Better
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As A College Girl Who Eats Mexican Food, Chipotle Is Great, But Moe's Is Just Better

We all know the answer here.

As A College Girl Who Eats Mexican Food, Chipotle Is Great, But Moe's Is Just Better

It is an age old debate, standing besides classics such as “Coke or Pepsi?” or “iOS or Android”, there is one that stands out among the rest: “Moe’s or Chipotle?”.

For me, this is an easy question, as it should be for everyone else with tastebuds and a wallet: Moe’s.

Let's start off with what Moe’s has that Chipotle does not.

One of the best parts about Moe’s is their free chips (made fresh in store daily) and free salsa. This is an integral part of any Mexican restaurant in my opinion, not to mention their chips and salsa are amazing. There are many varieties of salsa available to choose from, ranging from mild to super spicy, and you can eat as much of it as your heart desires. At Chipotle, chips and salsa are about $2 a bag, and let me just say that bag is measly. The chips aren’t even that good! Moe’s chips put Chipotle’s to shame, really.

Next, queso.

This was the root of the Moe’s versus Chipotle debate before Chipotle introduced their own take on the cheesy liquid gold. Too bad Chipotle’s queso still doesn’t compare in the slightest! Chipotle’s queso is bland and uninviting, while Moe’s queso is the star of anything you put it on. There are plenty of times my friends and I have gone to Moe’s simply to split a bowl of queso, you know, because the chips are free. Even re-heating the queso at home is a game changer, it’s the best leftovers to have.

The atmosphere is completely different at these two establishments.

Moe’s is so inviting! Right as you walk in you’re greeted with the ever-pleasant “Welcome to Moe’s!” shouted from behind the counter. It’s a colorful chain, definitely a more fun environment. Even the food has silly names, such as “wrong doug” or “first rule of chicken club”. There’s just so much variety at Moe’s. They have stacks, they have nachos, they even have those cool soda machines with over 100 options. Too bad Chipotle doesn’t even have a regular quesadilla on their menu- such a shame.

Not only does Moe’s have more options, they have more deals too.

There’s a deal for every day Monday through Friday where you can fill up for less than seven dollars. Chipotle is just too pricy, I personally always end up paying around ten dollars when I go, and it’s not even that much food. It’s not endless chips and salsa, at least.

Don’t get me wrong- Chipotle is super good; Moe's is just better.

There really shouldn’t even be a debate at this point when the superior chain is so obvious. I’m definitely starting to sound like a Moe’s spokesperson but I’m just really passionate about food, okay?

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