I've Been Binge-Watching Modern Family For The Past Month, Here's The Best Episodes
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I've Been Binge-Watching Modern Family For The Past Month, Here's The Best Episodes

Who deosn't love watching sitcom reruns?

I've Been Binge-Watching Modern Family For The Past Month, Here's The Best Episodes

I have always loved watching sitcoms with my family, it's what we used to do all the time before streaming services became available. We would always be watching The Middle, The Goldbergs, Parks n Rec, and The Office. I never really watched too much Modern Family when it was still on air, but I would watch reruns if they were on. With the series hitting Hulu last month, I knew I had to start it. I've seen virtually every other sitcom that's ran in the past 10 years, and this was my final one.

Since watching almost all of it (I'm midway through season 10), I have loved every second of it. The characters are all great; especially Phil, Cam and Gloria. The story lines are well developed and have meaning; they can deliver heartfelt and heavy messages in a lighthearted and fun way. This show has kept me so entertained this past month, and I might just have to re-watch it once I finish!

After binging almost 10 seasons in a month, here's my top 10 episodes to watch when you need a good laugh.

1. Season 1 Episode 15 - My Funky Valentine

In this episode; Phil and Claire decide to try something new to celebrate Valentines day by role playing and meeting each other in a hotel bar. Everything starts to go wrong and by the end of the night Claire is left in just a coat and runs into her father. This espidoe is one of the best, and always gets a laugh out of me.

Season 2 Episode 6 - Halloween

Claire is obsessed with Halloween and it is her favorite holiday ever. Claire decides to have a haunted house and wants the whole family to participate. Throughout the day everyone's problems are interfering with Claire's one special day, and the Haunted house falls apart. Luckily everyone decides to put their problems aside and make the haunted house special for Claire.

Season 2 Episode 11 - Slow Down Your Neighbors

Claire wants to stop a woman from speeding through the neighborhood by putting up signs on the trees. Meanwhile, Phil is selling the speeding lady's house and doesn't tell Claire as to not interfere with his job. Mitch and Cam befriend a new neighbor whose lying about where he lives.

4. Season 3 Episode 9 - Punkin Chunkin

It's Thanksgiving for the family and they're having it at the Dunphy House. Cam tells a story about how he launched a pumpkin across the football field and Mitchell doesn't believe him. They ask for the rest of the family's opinion and it's split 50/50. They decided to settle it on the football field and launch a pumpkin. It turns out the "pessimists" were right but in the end they decide to help the optimists to make it happen; and with all of their help it did.

5. Season 3 Episode 10 - Express Christmas

The family's schedules conflict and they won't be able to celebrate Christmas together. They decide to celebrate 6 days early, and they only have 3 hours to prepare; can they pull it together quick enough to have a nice celebration?

6. Season 5 Episode 23 and 24

It's finally the day for Cam and Mitchell to get married, but everything starts to fall apart. A wildfire starts near their venue so they have to move it last minute. Then they have to move it 2 more times after that since other venues didn't work out. They end up getting married at Jay's club at the end of the day; with all of their friends and family there to support them; and with Jay and Gloria walking Mitchell down the aisle.

7. Season 7 Episode 7 - Phil's Sexy, Sexy House 

Haley sneaks into a fancy house that Phil is selling, but it turns out Andy is there too. They end up spending time together at the house and they finally kiss for the first time!

8. Season 8 Episode 1 - A Tale of Three Cities

The Dunphy's are in New York but it's time to leave. Phil and Claire are going to a convention in North Carolina, but they secretly end up staying in New York for a few extra days. Haley, Alex, and Luke were supposed to go home to California, but they decide to stay in New York for a few days without telling their parents either. They tried to cover their track as best as they could but it didn't end up as they thought.

9. Season 8 Episode 15 - Finding Fizbo

Mitchell sold Cam's Fizbo costume and now someone is going around terrorizing the town. Cam tries to clear Fizbo's name; meanwhile Phil meets his new stepbrother to be at a bachelor party.

10. Season 9 Episode 16 - Wine Weekend

This is probably my favorite episode on the list! The family goes to wine country where they only have one rule to not touch the diamond tiara. Gloria and Mitchell are invited to Oprah's party but can't bring anyone else. Phil and Cam breakdance without Mitchell and Claire. Jay secretly brings Stella, and the tiara is broken! It turns into a whodunnit episode with Manny tracking everyone's steps through the night.

I love all of these episodes, and I hope you will too!

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