Mo State Alumni, Social Media Hit

Mo State Alumni, Social Media Hit

Just because you get a degree doesn't mean you can't pursue another dream.


In mid-November in Missouri, most students at Missouri State University are making their way to class bundled up and doing their best to stay as warm as possible. We are fully aware that alumni are welcome onto our campus, that is not an issue.

However, I do believe that students were not prepared to be walking to class in thirty-degree weather to pass a man in a leopard print bikini going by them on roller skates. He made his way through the Plaster Student Union and multiple locations on campus. If you were on campus on a chilly November afternoon, you more than likely passed him while he was in action.

You either hate it or support him, there's no in between. Some people just seemed confused while others got a big laugh out of what he was doing. Via snapchat, Twitter, and even Instagram, all of campus somehow knows what he is up to when he makes his way through.

I had a chance to talk to the man behind the skating idea. His name is Sean. He keeps his last name off of social media for understandable reasons. You can find him on social media as @mac.savage69.

He also has met Steve-O who has given him shoutouts and support on social media as well. Sean gets a lot of inspiration The content on his account varies in the appropriateness for the public eye.

An image that he is currently adamant about changing. He's well known on Missouri State campus as the guy with the megaphone at football games and now for wearing a leopard print bikini on a thirty-degree day.

"What made you decide to do that today? Skating around campus in a bikini."

Sean: "I just really enjoy spreading laughs around and seeing smiles on people's faces."

"What are you looking to get out of doing this for social media?"

Sean: "Well I have been trying to change up my image a little bit to do things that are more "appropriate." It's a dream of mine to make a living off of social media which has been tough considering I already have a degree which has led to negative comments from some people. But for every negative comment I get about 20 positive comments, so those people are who drive me to keep making people laugh."

"Are you looking to do anything similar to what you did today, in the future?"

Sean: "There is definitely some similar stuff coming in the future. I finally got a permanent film guy and we are hoping to be doing at least one video a week from here on out."

"I assume you wanna move to a big city and do the big time media influencing?"

Sean: "The big dream is to make it out to California, so I see Arizona as a step towards that. But I always like to keep my options open because you never know what opportunities will come knocking at your door."

"If this all doesn't work out, are you worried about your future career?"

Sean: "Not at all. I think that if all else fails then I still come out of it with a few years of experience running a large social media account, which nowadays is a full-time job. But for now, I'm gonna keep focusing on expanding my audience. I need to go at it full force if I really wanna make it happen so that's what I'm gonna do."

Missouri State has an array of unique people that have attended school here. It's safe to say that Sean is definitely making a name for himself during his life post-grad. Although his method for making a name for himself is very unconventional, sometimes you just have to do it in the biggest way possible.

You can catch him up to his antics really at any time of day and anywhere in Springfield. Just catch him on Mo State campus and in downtown Springfield. Also follow his social media accounts! I've linked his instagram in with the photo credit.

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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Facebook's Privacy Pivot: What You Need To Know

As others are saying, we've been "Zucked." Again.


Technology is changing. People are changing. Times are changing.

It's no secret that Facebook is spiraling down after it was released that "private" messages sent on Facebook are actually used by data analyzers to collect information on users. It's also no secret that people were pretty darn pissed about it.

The gap between companies and their users is closing very quickly, so what used to be "secret" before, isn't so secret now. As a response to all of the backlash from Facebook users about the platform's lack of privacy, Mark Zuckerberg has proposed a new "privacy pivot." He hopes to transform Facebook's reputation of being a "town square" to a "living room": more and more people are shifting from sharing publicly to sharing just one-on-one or with a few, close friends. For example, more than 63% of users send content to one another through Facebook Messenger, compared to the 55% of people that have shared publicly, or, in the "town square."

Zuckerberg has proposed changes to Facebook that will shift to look more like it's sister brand, WhatsApp, a messaging app that users utilize to speak to direct audiences. This, however, cannot be pulled off easily, and many people are scrutinizing Zuckerberg already due to not having any sort of true business model. First, Facebook is a publicly traded company and therefore has a duty to pay shareholders. Despite having 15 million fewer users today than in 2017, Facebook's earnings have increased due to loyal advertisers. Changing Facebook's platform would mean changing ways of advertising, which could make the company lose part of their 7 million companies that advertise with them, which, of course, means a large decrease in profit.

There are opportunities, however, to tap into markets that have never been reached before. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are all under the same company umbrella. These three, powerful platforms could work together to create a way of communicating that has never been done before, both benefitting the users and advertisers. Business professor and contributor to Forbes Magazine, Bhaskar Chakravorti described this innovation as, "creating new ways to open up advertising streams and tracking a diversity of user activity. This could lead to new revenue opportunities that are currently untapped and reduce costs through consolidation of the back end infrastructure and reduced need to monitor encrypted information." This could still have it's risks, though, being a completely new innovation, which Chakravori addresses later in the article.

It seems that at this point, this "privacy pivot" is a whole lot of talk and not a lot of walk. Personally, I just want a real step to be taken for my messages to be encrypted and secure. All of this other fancy innovation can come at a later time.

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