If you haven't already heard of or aren't apart of the group "Missouri State Gals Sell Your Stuff" at Missouri State, let me tell you a little bit about one of my favorite features of going to this university. This is a closed Facebook group in which any female-identifying person at Missouri State can post pictures of clothes they've worn to sell to other girls for a discounted price.

Missouri State women can post virtually whatever they want for however much they want. The best thing about girls in 2018 is that we're always near our phone, so most often, good sales can be flipped for cash within a matter of a couple days, or even hours.

It's easy and safe to meet with other girls on campus near the Starbucks in the PSU or the library whenever it's convenient. Odds are you've seen girls exchanging clothes on campus with one another somewhere in the student union. Not only can you find some sweet deals on trendy BearWear and tailgate outfits, but it's so much more than that.

Girls also use the Facebook group for selling sublease's for summer apartments, asking each other's opinions on nail places in town, and looking for jobs. My personal favorite is when girls post about looking for a new group of friends to hang, hike, and workout with.

Because women are incredible and generally want to make friends, you can always rely on Mo State Gals Sell Your Stuff for great advice, a good deal, and finding exactly what you need.

I love the Missouri State Gals group not only for its awesome sales but for the sense of community that comes from it. Girls will give you their honest opinion of their landlord, will drive to meet you wherever you are to exchange goods and will let you try on stuff before you buy it.

Plus, we're always willing to pay a little bit more than your average Plato's closet, which is a win-win for both parties. It's so fun to see a girl post, asking for a new group of friends to hang with or a workout buddy and have random strangers comment just because they are excited about finding new friends.

It's women supporting women which is what makes Missouri State Gals Sell Your Stuff, and this university, that much more awesome.

If you aren't apart of the group and want to be, reach out to your nearest gal pals and see if one of them is apart of the group. You definitely don't want to miss out.