6 College Things I'll Miss Over Winter Break

Here are six things I'm actually going to miss about college while I'm home for winter break.

The Learning 

I've always loved learning, so going a month without any classes is sure to be a struggle for me. This short break will be nice- and much needed — but a month without classes will feel so foreign after this semester of nearly non-stop classes and work.

The Professors 

I actually had some great professors this semester. While some of the subjects weren't my favorite (read: aural skills), the professors made the classes enjoyable. Some of my professors are retiring as well, so I will miss them in an even more unique way. I'll definitely miss the fun classes we had thanks to some of my professors, like eating brownies and going outside to the amphitheater to sing Christmas carols in aural skills, or the many times my music theory professor canceled class because he "had a cold" (even he put it in quotation marks in his emails).

The Activities 

There is so much to do at college, especially since I'm so close to New York City. I'm going to miss seeing shows in the city, and going to bingo nights, and going to concerts, and going to all the other events held on and off campus. There's a lot to do back home too, but I'm going to miss being in the middle of all of these different activities. I'm going to miss having something fun and new to do almost every day.

The Dining Hall

Believe it or not, I might even miss the dining halls a little bit. People always complain about college dining halls, but the food here isn't bad. I might actually miss having food prepared for me every day, being able to go as many times as I want whenever I want, and eating with my friends nearly every day.

The Freedom

There is a lot of freedom that comes with college. I already noticed how different things were when I went home for Thanksgiving break, and I'm sure it'll be the same during winter break too. It was so weird needing to be driven places again, and relying on other people again, and not being able to just walk around campus and do what I wanted whenever I wanted. That's definitely going to be an adjustment going home.

The People 

And of course, I'm going to miss the people most of all. This is the time of year where your friends are finally solidified, and now you have to leave for a month. Maybe it's my fault for picking a school almost 5 hours from home, but oh well. I'm going to miss the great friends I made, even though I'll see them again in just over a month. I love the friends I have at home, but it's going to be hard having that split and not being able to see my new friends for a while. C'est la vie.

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