The Millennial Girl's Guide To Street Style Trends
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The Millennial Girl's Guide To Street Style Trends

One of the most popular forms of creative expression in our generation is through fashion.

The Millennial Girl's Guide To Street Style Trends

One of the most popular forms of creative expression in our generation is through fashion. Street style is favored amongst millennials as the pieces are casual and usually thrifted, yet still have the ability to portray nostalgia and personal style all in one.

We see a lot more of street style fashions on the runway as its popularity is emerging into the high fashion realm of the industry. Here is a guide showing popular street style trends that you can use as a base to express yourself with the rest of the millennials!

1. Cropped Ruffle Denim

Think of fashion as an art form and street style as a method of art. Street style has many principles to the garments just as art does. In this case, the principle of this garment is movement, which is shown through the ruffle.

2. Clear Heel

This clear heel adds an incredibly modern touch to any look and will leave your legs looking long for days.

3. Political Graphic Tees

Fashion has become political, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you perceive it. Since street style is all about expressing yourself, you will find that it is also used to spread awareness on worldly issues. This graphic tee conveys the femme movement, a movement where working women encourage other women to feel empowered by their success.

4. Tear-away Track Pants

Street style is very fluid so you can combine comfort with dressy or business with vintage, and somehow it just works.

5. Velvet Puffy Jacket

Velvet is all the hype, as it can be used interchangeably with tops, dresses, pants and more. Velvet is now seen paired with nearly anything from denim to a graphic tee, so don't be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone with this one.

6. Layering Fishnet Top

Fishnets give an edge to any look, you can wear them as socks, showing behind your ripped jeans, or even under a graphic tee to really spice up a simple look.

7. Bleached Denim Shorts

Street style is all about the distressed look. Bleached and distressed shorts, shirts, etc. can easily be thrifted and done on your own so your garments can have their own story.

8. Bold Pattern Sets

Bold patterns and wide legs give off a nostalgic 70s vibe that can be widely seen throughout the city streets.

9. Cute Crossbody Bag

Accessories aren't particularly popular amongst street style unless it's something small, such as this heart cross body bag.

10. Cropped Hoodie

Some influencers known for their iconic street style, such as Rihanna, have collaborated with popular brands such as Puma to release their own lines. Rihanna's line, Fenty, and Kanye West's line, Yeezy, are very popular in street style looks.
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