Miley Cyrus: Breaking Free
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Miley Cyrus: Breaking Free

The Struggle We All Face

Miley Cyrus: Breaking Free

At some point I became very judgemental regarding Miley Cyrus. I saw it as a publicity stunt. She was money hungry I once believed. But when I listened to her music, I mean really listened to it. I saw things differently. I now comprehend.

Her lyrics carry so much raw emotion. Every letter carries it's own weight.We sometimes stare to much at the fabric of their clothes orhow bright their lipstick is, But we refuse to look through the person. Have you ever really wondered why we dislike a person for doing something that makes them happy?

It's unknown to you. You sometimes ask yourself what's the point of their pants or hair. You don't get why they go to those measures to stand out. They simply broke free from caring what others say about them. Miley Cyrus has broken free from the thinking of society. Not many of us and myself included have dared to be so exposed and vulnerable to the world.

She simply does her own thing and regrets nothing. I honestly think shes going to have the best stories to tell when's she's older. We see somebody who breaks our normal and immediately point fingers. We say the meanest words that shoot out like bullets without thinking of the damage we may be causing. Let's all learn to see past the cover and read till the end.

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