People wait all year for this night. It is one night in week six of camp. A bunch of staff makes teams and each team puts in $40. Each team has to think of a costume idea, the more creative the better, and dress up on this night. i have only been working at camp for two years so this was my second year doing it. It is honestly the best night of camp. My first year I was in a group with lifeguards and we dressed up as the breakfast club but we called ourselves the lifeguard club. This year my team dressed up as Mario Kart. We used little bikes and tied balloons on them and made our own costumes. Other people dressed up as toy soldiers, trophies, ghost busters, olympic ping pong team, barbie dolls, a lot of them are super creative!

Midnight Madness is a giant scavenger hunt that takes place on a Friday night. The hunt starts at nine and ends at midnight. You have to drive all around a few different towns figuring out the clues.

Last year at the beginning of the hunt we got a giant list of clues and we have to drive around and figure out what the clues meant. We had to go to certain places and take pictures of certain things or bring stuff back to the judges. This year it was like the amazing race. We have route info and detours and when we got to our destinations there were road blocks. Almost all the destinations were staff homes and we had to do fun activities really fast. For example, we had to kick our shoe into a houlahoop, move ten skittles across the room with a straw, drink an entire slurpee and a bunch of other random activities. We also had to bring extra things back for bonus points. Some were riddles like "I have a neck with no head, but i wear a cap' (a water bottle) and 'I have a ring but no fingers" (a phone) so we had to bring both of those back. We also had bring back things like two pictures, one before puberty and one after, a towel, a leaf, a buy one get one coupon, a book with a verb in the title and a bunch of random other things.

Some of the detours also included some video making. We had to create our own olympic sport and video us playing it (my team did hair braiding), create a cheer for our camp tribal teams, sing the camp birthday song to a stranger, propose to a stranger, ask a stranger for some of their food at a restaurant, trick or treat at a strangers house and so many other embarrassing things!

The top three teams (costume points and points from the clues) get a cash prize! It is such a fun night. So many people participate and everyone gets really into it! I highly recommend people do this at school or work or just with your friends. It is definitely a night you will remember.