How much are you actually like Michael Scott?
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What Percentage Of You Is Made Up Of Michael Scott?

Are you 100% Michael, or nothing like him at all?

What Percentage Of You Is Made Up Of Michael Scott?

Michael Scott is hands down the funniest leading male in a comedy series ever, don't @ me! Even though he's completely cringe-y most of the time, he has a good heart and is freaking hilarious to watch (thanks Steve Carell!). Now it's time to decide, once and for all, how much you're like Michael Scott. Just add up all the percents that describe you, and add them together at the end for your total score!

5% if you're the boss of a company (or just the leader of your friend group, since that's more attainable)


Even if you bought the "World's Best Boss" mug for yourself.

10% if you're always in an awkward situation (most likely one you created)


I'm talking offering a bunch of kids college tuition and then still going to their school and sitting through their amazingly choreographed dance all the while knowing you don't have the money to pay for even one student's tuition and can only offer them batteries instead - awkward.

5% if you have a weird sense of humor


Especially if it includes poorly thought out, recurring characters- I'm looking at you, Michael Klump.

5% if that sense of humor has, or still does, include "that's what she said" jokes


You know Michael Scott would still be making this joke in 2018.

3% if you hate someone named Toby


The Toby's of the world don't deserve this.

12% if you love (or have used) paper


This one's pretty much a freebie.

15% if you work, or have worked, in an office


You can honestly relate better than anyone.

10% if you know someone with the same name as a character from the office


Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam. Angela, Kevin, Oscar, Stanley, Phyllis, Andy, Creed, Meredith, Kelly, Toby, Ryan, Gabe, Jan, Holly, David Wallace, Todd Packer, LITERALLY ANYONE!

15% if you have ever dated someone named Holly


Brownie points if you guys did Yoda impressions, too.

20% if you love your job


Because nobody loves their job more than Michael Scott. Okay, maybe Dwight Schrute, but that's another quiz for another day...

So, what percent Michael Scott are you?

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