Michael Moore Fahrenheit 11/9

Michael Moore Fahrenheit 11/9

Yes, you read that right.


Spoiler alert: I am not one of those people who is super into politics, if someone like me can understand what is being said in this documentary then everyone can. The question is can you be open to it?

Now understand this. I am writing about what I took away from this documentary and what I understood from it. I know that people will disagree and that is OK, but our system is messed up and this doesn't show just one side of the problem it shows both.

Fahrenheit 11/9 - Official Trailer www.youtube.com

This is a Michael Moore documentary about the presidential election in 2016 and how it happened, granted within the first 10 minutes Moore jokes about how Gwen Stefani was to blame for Trump winning because she was getting payed more than he was now that his TV show was canceled. But that was only the beginning.

He shows how the government is just a rigged system that is there to support the people who are already there Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this. During the time where Clinton and Burnie were getting votes to be the Democratic candidate for President the system was rigged for Clinton since Burnie was running for the normal everyday working person. In West Virginia all 55 counties Burnie won, but West Virginia said Clinton won (this happened in many states where Burnie won but Clinton was said to be the winner). Democratic Presidents in the past haven't lived up to there parties beliefs they have in away gone to the beliefs of the Republicans (Clinton : no same sex marriage, mass incarceration. Obama: drone attacks, immigration)

West Virginia primary voted for Bernie Sanders but got Hillary Clinton www.youtube.com

Now the Republicans also have their issues as well like the governor of Michigan (Snyder) who took away the fresh water source from Flint and gave them poisoned water all for him to make a profit. They denied that there was a problem, then when the problem was seen they "fixed it" by telling there heath department to take blood test of people and kids to make sure they were health. but what people didn't know was that the health department was told to only write down the highest acceptable about of lead which was 3.5 (when one of the kids on one list was at a 14) so people were ticked into believing that they and there kids were healthy when they weren't. If you think you read that wrong you didn't, the government in Michigan was telling the health department to lie about the amount of lead found in kids, and once lead is in the body it stays. The water didn't get fixed and the governor was still in power, then Obama came to town and what did he do? he said "I need some water." and took a slip of water telling the people that the water was OK do drink. The people of Flint started to lose hope of ever getting help.

Now to talk about Trump. He was the only candidate in the 2016 race, the only one so it would make sense that he won Michigan he was there new hope. He used pass failures of both parties and made promises to fix those things (most of those promises he has kept are to other millionaires not the ones for us normal people). He used the pass failures to get into power when really him running for president was a joke at first.

They compared Trump to Hitler how at the beginning Hitler didn't have the votes to win (only 38%). But Hitler played mind tricks on people told them how he can change Germany, how he was going to put Germany first before anything else. He continued to make these promises until he got into the power he wanted, and we know the rest of history...

We forget that we are supposed learn from past history but we have forgotten..

Trump Is Mirroring Hitler - Fahrenheit 11/9 www.youtube.com

This documentary is available on Amazon video for FREE.

Watch it you might find some of the things mentioned in this interesting.

Might make you rethink about the people who run this country.

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Austin Alexander Burridge, Volunteer Advocate, Shares 3 Great Reasons to Volunteer and Help Others

Austin Alexander Burridge is an avid academic who studies Environmental Science at Winona State University and believes that work in the service of others is a key pillar to personal development.


Sometimes it's easy for someone to adopt a "me, me, me" attitude. While focusing on oneself, a person may feel nice in the moment, but serving and helping others will bring lasting benefits. While there are many great reasons to serve and help others, there are three universal truths that resonate with volunteers around the globe.

Austin Alexander Burridge's 3 Reasons to Volunteer:

1. Accomplishment

Often, people fall into a trap of focusing on themselves when they are feeling down. Maybe someone did not get a job they wanted. Or perhaps a person gets dumped by an expected lifelong companion. Maybe someone feels they have underachieved after looking at Facebook and seeing great things a high school classmate has accomplished. When feeling down, helping others is a proven way to improve one's mood and attitude, and it can provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. The act of giving to those in need is an inherently good action and leaves people with a wonderful feeling of joy.

2. Gratitude

One can become more appreciative of life by serving others that have less. Whether volunteering at a soup kitchen, visiting the elderly at an assisted living center, or helping families after a natural disaster, service enables people to be grateful for what they have. Seeing people who have fewer advantages, especially those who are spirited and thankful for small things, allows one to realize just how fortunate he/she is in life.

3. Friendships

Volunteering is a great way to build meaningful friendships, not only with other volunteers but also with those who are served. One of the most profound and fascinating aspects of these relationships is how volunteers will learn from those served and vice versa. As these special bonds are built, they lead to impactful connections that last for years to come.

Of course, these are just a few reasons to volunteer and serve others. One can never go wrong by helping others as opposed to merely focusing on oneself. Volunteering invariably and inevitably contributes to personal growth, development, and satisfaction.

About Austin Alexander Burridge: Helping others has been of paramount importance to Austin, and as a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Austin gave back to the community around him. He also has participated in annual peanut butter drives, The Minnesota Sandwich Project for the Homeless and collected canned goods for local food shelters. Additionally, Austin has a passion for the environment, which he pursued when visiting the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and the Amazon Rain Forest while studying at the School of Environment Studies, which investigates ecological systems and their sustainability

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Synagogue Shooting In Pittsburgh Is A Display Of Much Larger Problems

The shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue took place during the bris of a twins belonging to a gay couple. This isn't just a display of antisemitism, it's the result of bigger issues.


It seems to have become a common series of events. A mass shooting happens, people react on social media, hashtags begin to trend, arguments ensue over gun control, and soon everyone forgets. It's a series of events that's too common. People being killed in mass amounts isn't something that should arise a nonchalant response in anyone. Yet, I'm worried that will soon be the case. From Charleston to Paris to Orlando, this kind of horror needs to stop.

I'm speaking of course about the recent shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. It took place during the bris of a set of twins belonging to a gay couple. The gunman told police he "wanted all Jews to die." This was an extreme and disturbing display of antisemitism that left eleven people dead. The assailant, Robert D. Bowers, has been indicted on 44 criminal counts. This has become the deadliest attack against Jewish people in United States history.

So far, the series of events seems to be going as expected. People reacted predictably on social media. I tried to do them one better by sharing a GoFundMe page created to benefit the survivors and the victims' families. Donations will be sent directly to the Tree of Life Congregation. I figured it was better than posting the typical "thoughts and prayers" response. I understand that most people who post messages like that have good intentions. But the truth is, that helps nobody.

It also doesn't help anyone to encourage an exclusionary mentality. There were protesters who felt President Trump shouldn't be welcome in Pittsburgh. The President wanted to show up to pay his respects. People criticize the President for not being presidential. Then when he wants to do something presidential, they try to stop him. It makes no sense to me.

I respect people's right to protest, but I think it shows a real lack of self-awareness to protest such a thing. The response to unkindness should not be more unkindness. Don't we all want change for the better? How do we expect to get anywhere by shutting someone out? I don't care who he is or what he's done. All that the protesters were doing was putting more negative energy into the universe.

I'm not unaware that mass killings have been happening far too often these days. I think the spike in such attacks has a lot to do with the current political climate. There is an intense frustration among people for several reasons. Some don't want to listen to those with an opinion different from their own. They would rather live in an echo chamber. These people cut friends and family out of their life because they share opposing political views. People are judged by their politics much harsher these days. It has become the key to whether or not you're a good person according to some. The point is, this kind of judgment leads to inevitable isolation. And if you're isolated for much of the time, that isn't good for your mental health.

Another mistake some people make is politicizing these attacks. Fighting over whether the issue is gun control or mental health will not solve the problem. I think the problem isn't so black and white. I think both statements can be true at once. The problem is both gun control and mental health. I think there needs to be stricter gun laws, but I think people are deluded if they assume that will solve the apparent shooting epidemic. People break laws all the time. Just like people smuggle illegal drugs into the country, they will do the same with weapons.

I also think we need to pay attention to the way we treat mental health as a society. I think the stigma surrounding mental health is unacceptable. People should not be encouraged to keep their issues bottled up. They should not be shamed for seeking help via a therapist or medication. It's a move that should be respected and treated with care. I think those who want to purchase a gun should be required to undergo a psychological evaluation prior to purchasing. They should also have to undergo routine psychological evaluations throughout the duration of their ownership of the gun. I don't think this is too much to ask. I think this will create stricter gun laws and place a much needed focus on mental health.

The bottom line is, we need to start respecting each other more. We can't put people in boxes based on things like race, religion, gender, or sexuality. We can't cut people out of our lives just because they disagree with us. We can't shame those who are mentally ill and want to seek help. Tragic times like this call for all of us to wake up. We need to pay attention to the way we treat those in our lives. Even the smallest sign of respect and care could cause this common series of events to become not so common after all.

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