The Mets Look Promising, But Injuries Still Loom

The Mets Look Promising, But Injuries Still Loom

Shades of 2017 already haunt 2018.

The New Mets hit the ground running in 2018, as spring training has already proven to show signs of progress for the Amazin’s. However, shades of the disaster that was in 2017 still linger in the background.

Injuries to key players such as OF Jay Bruce, OF Juan Lagares, and 1B Dominic Smith have already sprung up during the young season, and although the injuries may seem minor, the organization is still keeping an eye on them. While Smith says his injury is of “no real concern”, and the two outfielders are still listed as day-to-day, it would be in the best interest of the Mets to take all the necessary precautionary measures when handling injuries in 2018.

Last season, the Mets finished the season with a total of 22 injuries across their entire major league roster, with nearly the entirety of the 25-man roster spending at least 10 days on the Disabled List. Between the entire major league team, Mets players spent a combined 430 days on the DL, while 0 of the Mets 9 Opening Day starters played the full season without an injury. With injuries spanning anywhere from bone bruises to collapsed lungs, the Mets were the emergency room of the MLB in 2017, and this year, the team hopes to right all of their medical wrongs.

“Injuries are going to happen, no matter what you do. As long as we’re doing the right things and trying to prevent them, then it’s not going to bother you as much”, said Manager Mickey Callaway. For the 2018 Mets, the number one priority should be keeping their necessary pieces healthy, and able to put the team in a position to succeed. The name of the game is not preventing injuries, but limiting them.

Last November, once the season was officially over, one of the first orders of business for the Mets' front office was to totally revamp their training staff. Head trainer Ray Ramirez was fired after an abysmal display of upkeep in 2017, and with him, plenty of other members within the Mets medical department were let go following the 2017 season.

This season, the focus for the Mets training staff should be keeping the star players healthy. Crucial injuries to SP Noah Syndergaard, OF Yoenis Cespedes, and RP Jeurys Familia crippled the Mets' chances of making any sort of run during the regular season. Minor league caliber players were starting for the Mets by May, and by June, the team was completely out of playoff contention.

If the Mets are able to avoid these types of scenarios throughout the course of the regular season, then all of the pieces should fall into place for the organization to make an impact in the postseason.

Cover Image Credit: Wikicommons

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1. Do you have an extra hair tie?

2. What if we just said no? What if we just didn't run when the whistle is blown?

3. I, like, really, am not feeling practice today.

4. Do these pants make my quads look big?

5. Are you going to eat before or after practice?

6. I'm so sore.

7. Want to get McDonald's after practice?

8. Did you see that she wore makeup to a preseason practice?

9. I actually looked like a girl today.

10. I wonder what college would be like if I wasn't an athlete.

11. We're up before the sun way too often.

12. Is it gross if I don't shower after weights?

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14. Coach is literally crazy.

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19. Today in class a non-athlete was talking about how busy her schedule is. It was so annoying.

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22. I'll be right back, I'm having PGD (pre-game dumps).

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36. How many hours of sleep did you get? I got 6, it was crazy, I feel so refreshed.

37. I look like such a boy right now.

38. Will you braid my hair?

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40. I think I'd hate being a reg (regular student).

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47. I am so happy that I'm an athlete.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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The Seattle Mariners Head Back To Reality

The ball club that is starting to lose its rhythm as of late.


The Seattle Mariners started the year out way better than people expected. They started the season off with a 13-2 record during their first 15 games. Now as they head into May, the team is sitting at a .500 record. However, the team did not have high expectations as they were looking towards a rebuilding year for the ball club. During the off-season, they got rid of a lot of their core players such as Jean Segura, Nelson Cruz, James Paxton, and Edwin Diaz.

According to an article from CBS Sports, the Mariners now own the longest playoff drought in all pro-American sports. The team was last in the playoffs during the 2001 season. That was during Ichiro's rookie season, and he is now retired if that doesn't explain enough. I have been going to Mariners games before I could even walk and I have never seen an MLB postseason game ever. The looks of this season started promisingly for us Mariner fans until we started having losing streaks as of late. The Mariners have started the month of May with a 1-5 record and are currently on a 4-game losing streak.

The team has developed a strong farm system from the acquisitions of Justus Sheffield, Kyle Lewis, and Jarred Kelenic. It might be a while until we start seeing consistent success from this team. It feels like every year we get so close to making the playoffs and then we end up short every season. I hope to see the ball club keep their top prospects and build something that will benefit the team in the long run.

During a press release from Baseball America with general manager Jerry Dipoto, he explained how he is looking for a team that is versatile and athletic. By getting rid of a lot of these big contracts from their old core of players the Mariners were able to get key prospects that will soon be making a big appearance. The only good thing that can come from the Mariners starting to tank is that we can see these top prospects in action as early as this season. However, the team currently stands at 2nd in the AL West behind the Houston Astros.

The Mariners have upcoming series against the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics so hopefully, they can start seeing some wins and get back into contention. They have shown this season that they can compete in the American league during the beginning of the season.

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