On The Metro

Having moved to LA two years ago, I'm not ashamed to say that I've only recently had my first lone experience on the metro. Trust me, I know that using public transportation is super common and normal, but whenever I try something new, I kinda internally freak out a little.

So here were my thoughts...

"Wow, can't believe I'm finally doing this"

"Ok, if I plan this out I can get to my job in 30 minutes"

"Should I do a practice run?...omg girl chillax it's not that complicated"

"Wait...where am I? ARghh I just traveled in a large circle"

"WOW I can't even find the stop"

"Ugh, this would not be happening if I had a car...I wonder how much...nah can't afford it"

"Remember, go on the one that's heading west"


"OOh I feel so cool, tapping in like that"

"Do people even tap in anymore? Do I look like the naive little duck that I am?"

"Oh well, this goes towards supporting the system anyways"

"it's here, it's here, it's here....ahhhh stop moving so I can board"

"Okay look super chill while you're finding a seat...aaaand just sat next to someone when there are a bunch of empty seats around"

"urrrrrgggg, can't even move now"

"time to people watch! crap, made eye contact, look away, BUT NOT TOO OBVIOUSLY"

"where are we now? DID I MISS MY STOP"

"Finally here, that wasn't so bad"

"Oh no I'm stuck at this exit...nvm I don't need to Tap to go out...stupid"

"Definitely ready to do this every other day"

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