If You Believe That Men Are In Charge, You Need To Stop

If You Believe That Men Are In Charge, You Need To Stop

No one is "in charge" of us, but especially not men just because they are men.


I recently came across a tweet about men being in charge, and it made me very angry. The ignorant statement and the 10,000+ people that agreed by retweeting and liking it made me even more angry.

People, most especially women, that believe that men should be in charge don't realize that they are automatically handing over their choice of free will to the man. They can try to defend their stance by saying that "God made women as the helper, but it shouldn't negate the fact that women are no less than a man" like I usually hear, and I just want to say that if you believe this statement, then you're only deceiving yourself. If you give someone else power over you, then you can't say that you're an equal.

Logically, if someone has power over you, there's no way you can be in the same position with that same person. It's almost the same as having a supervisor over you in a workplace. The system of hierarchy demands that the position of your supervisor is not the same as that of yours because he has a higher position than you. You can't enjoy the same benefits your boss enjoys. This is the same as when we live in a system where we believe that "men are in charge."

People that believe this narrative don't understand that there are people that are actually suffering from this type of mentality. Women in Saudi Arabia still don't have the right to travel on their own, female children are being given out to marry men old enough to be their fathers, and most recently, women in Alabama lost the right to choose if they have an abortion or not...all because men are in charge.

It's sad to say, but this mentality has caused more harm than good, and it's even sadder that women are promoting this kind of thinking, whether they realize it or not.

No one should be in charge of anybody.

We should all have the choice to make our own decisions. No man has ever experienced what women have gone through from the beginning of time; they haven't fought for anything for themselves because it has always been given to them unlike women, so there's no reason why they should be in charge.

So, to the women and men that believe that "men should be in charge," think carefully about what that statement means before carelessly throwing it around.

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