The Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 granted women the right to vote, giving women a voice. Once they discovered the power of their opinions, women's rights took off. Shortly after that, women were elected as United States Senators, Cabinet members, and Supreme Justices. Later down the road, women partnered with NASA to explore space, received equal opportunities in the workforce, and catalyzed movements that spread across the nation. Although women are currently still suppressed with old, white men voting on the rights of their body, overall, women have come a very long way.

I understand that women in our history had to fight to recieve equal rights as men and I understand that women have had to combat sexism just to be on a level playing field. But now it is the 21st century and I am tired of hearing that women should want to be a man's equivalent. I reject the idea that the man's success is the barometer of overall accomplishment, prosperity, and achievement. Our success should not be measured as "less than or equal" to a man's success, hoping to err on the side of "equal to." I would like to place the blame on society for the gender stereotypes and misogyny, but I am apart of society. So the blame lands in my lap as well. One thing we, as a society, tend to forget is that one does not have to push someone else down to get ahead. We build on each other's triumphs and learn from each other's failures. Collectively we create a stronger platform for the next generations. Over time, we have created a bucket brigade of women pioneering a path forward for the greater good of everyone.

I am not a raging, bra-burning, man-hating feminist, I just believe that women should not be content with being an equal counterpart to men. I do not want to be equal to a man, I want to fulfill my incomparable potential.