Memes You Forgot About (And Wish You Hadn't)
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Memes You Forgot About (And Wish You Hadn't)

Imma let you finish but....these are the best memes of all time

Memes You Forgot About (And Wish You Hadn't)

It seems like every day there are new meme trends popping up online. Some recent ones include "cash me ousside" and the always-abundant Kermit memes. The bee movie meme has existed since memes became a thing, and it is always in the background so you rarely have the opportunity to forget it. Memes vary widely in how they occur, and there are a lot that stick around no matter how long they have existed. However, there are some priceless memes most of you have probably forgotten about - I am here to humbly remind you of them.

1. Sail Cat

This video might be one of my favorite videos of all time. This is a pure meme. This is one you'll be glad I reminded you of.

2. Fry Squinty Eye

Pure gold. Even if you don't enjoy Futurama, you can still love this meme.

3. Charlie Bit My Finger

This one was a meme before memes were a thing.

4. Pants on the Ground

This dude was a star for a few months. I remember downloading the song. Low-key meme. He may be forgotten, but he was an important part of human history.

5. Planking

and its less-popular sequel, owl-ing.

Everyone is still trying to burn this one from their memory, but I'm so awesome I wanted to remind you all.

6."Imma let you finish, but..."

Good ol' Kanye.

7. "Winning!" - Charlie Sheen

I heard this enough in high school to keep me face-palming for the rest of my life.

8. The Flying Spaghetti Monster/Pastafarians

Maybe some of you didn't know about this, but this so-called religion petitioned to make the DMV let them wear colanders on their heads for their driver's license picture. For real.

9. "Tebowing"

This is one I had the particular fortune of forgetting until I was looking through old memes recently. I definitely could have gone my whole life without remembering this one and would have survived.

10. Rebecca Black's "Friday"

We all tried to forget this one immediately after we watched the video. For a time, they played it on the radio. High-quality meme, low-quality song, and a nice girl with unfortunate reason to rise to fame.

11. Leave Britney Alone!

Poor guy just wanted to defend Britney Spears. I wonder whatever happened to him? If you figure it out let me know.

12. Chuck Norris Facts

The internet at one point was a plethora of Chuck Norris memes. I miss those days.

13. Greatest Freak-Out Ever

Now this one, I don't know if this was a niche meme or not. This is by far one of my favorite forgotten memes, and I quote this guy to this day. I don't know if anyone else outside of my family remembers this. But you're welcome for introducing you if you never knew it, and you're welcome if I just reminded you.

No memes can really compare to those that have lasted throughout the years, but these ones will forever be near and dear to my heart in the meme world. Maybe somebody misses them as much as me, but who knows?

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