2018 was a year with some pretty solid memes, and quite a few stupid ones. Here is a list of most of them, based on this list from The Thrillest, and how good they actually were.

1. Tide Pods.

The Tide Pod meme was one of the first memes of the year and one of the ones that got blown way out of proportion. It seems to have originated from a Tumblr post that called them a "forbidden snack." From there, kids on the internet started making jokes about eating them, with very few people actually eating them. However, many older people who didn't really know the ins and outs of the internet thought that kids were actually eating Tide Pods as a joke. This led to a lot of PR campaigns begging kids to not eat Tide Pods.

Rating: 4/10; not as funny as everyone thought it was.

2. That off ramp photo. 

This is a screenshot from a video and has turned into pretty much a "what I should do vs. what I'm actually going to do." It has spawned quite a few good memes and some relatable content.

Rating: 7/10

3. Karma's a B****.

This one stems from an episode of "Riverdale" and it pretty much just comprises of people taking a video of themselves where, in the beginning, they look "ugly" and then they throw something like a blanket up and when it falls it revels them looking "hot."

Rating: 7/10; I enjoy seeing people having fun and being confident.

4. FBI Agent.

This is the one where everyone talks about the FBI agent that is assigned to their phone and their laptop and watches them sadly scroll their lives away.

Rating: 10/10; this one spawned so many possibilities.

5. Precious when you smile.

This is based the song "Mine" and it in consists of people playing the song and zooming in on their friend's faces.

Rating: 6/10; Kind of got old really quick.

6. The "Change My Mind" Guy.

This stemmed from a photo of a guy who is known for sitting on college campuses with signs that ask controversial questions and then tags it "change my mind." This particular photo came from the time he said "Male Privilege is a myth. Change my mind." This sparked the internet to take that photo and turn it into every meme they could think of.

Rating 8/10; I don't like the origin story.

7. Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket.

What would a year be without a few Spongebob memes? This one was pretty good and easily allowed people to compare pretty much anything. However, it did get old pretty soon.

Rating 6/10; got old too quick.

8. Yanny or Laurel.

A reincarnation of that dress from a couple years ago. It was basically just a video on someone's Instagram story where they asked people if it sounded like "Yanny" or "Laurel" and the entire internet basically exploded.

Rating: 1/10; horrible. I hated it.

9. Big Dick Energy (BDE).

This means someone who is confident, but not cocky. It basically just means that they're cool and can be used to describe anyone.

Rating: 8/10; pretty good usage.

10. Let's Get This Bread.

This is one of the newest trends of the year and basically just means let's do work. It can apply to going to work or doing homework.

Rating: 101: rise and grind gamers, let's get this bread.

These are only just a few of the memes that surfaced this year because if we want to rate all of them, we would be here until the new year.