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Meghan Markle Is The Royal This World Needs

One American woman is helping change England and the world for the better.

Meghan Markle Is The Royal This World Needs

With the royal wedding just recently happening Meghan Markle has been in the headlines for months. Due to this I constantly see posts on my social media feeds with people complaining about the constant media coverage of her. A lot of people ask why should I care that Meghan married Prince Harry? Well, I'm here to tell you why! It's cause Meghan Markle is not your average royal and she is, in fact, the royal that this world needs. Here is why she is the most groundbreaking royal the world has ever seen.

1. She's half Black

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Honestly, this is HUGE. With all the racism that still exists today it is a huge milestone to have someone of mixed race in such a high position in the monarchy. While this is just a small step it really is a step in the right direction. A lot of people had concerns about Harry marrying her because of her race and the fact that she overcame that to show that race does not define a person's character and the things that they can accomplish will only help continue talks about race and diversity. Plus it is amazing that people other than white people have a royal they can look up to!

2. She was previously divorced

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In the British Royal family, marrying someone who was previously divorced was for a very long time taboo. The Queen's uncle had to give up the throne to marry the woman he loved because she was divorced. While things have changed since then I still see a lot of women being judged for being divorced or having more than one marriage.

The fact that Meghan has been previously married and has gone on to become a royal and not let her first marriage define her is huge for woman everywhere. I hope that Meghan's past marriage will show woman everywhere that it is ok to leave a marriage and leaving doesn't make you a broken good or unworthy.

3. She has a broken family

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We have all heard about Meghan's family drama. This fact makes her the royal the world needs because the picture perfect family is shoved down everyone's throats. The fact that someone has come from a not so picture perfect family has succeeded and overcome their past to do such great things shows people everywhere that even if you don't have the perfect family you are told you should have doesn't mean you can't achieve great things or find love.

4. She's an outspoken feminist

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Meghan is passionate about equality and woman reaching their full potential. It's good that women all over the world have such a strong inspirational role model to look up to.

5. She lets her natural beauty show

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While some of her critics hate this about her and complain she isn't more dolled up than she could be this is just another truly amazing thing about Meghan. She doesn't hide who she is and she doesn't apologize for it. More people need to have people like this to look up to nowadays where everything is photoshopped.

What are some things you find inspirational about Meghan Markle?

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